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“From the age of 13 I suffered from hay-fever and nothing the doctor did helped. My mother took me to a homeopath and my hay-fever went, and it also helped greatly with allergies and asthma. It’s the most effective treatment I have ever tried including conventional medicine.”
Cindy Lund
“From the age of 13 I suffered from hay-fever and nothing the doctor did helped. My mother took me to a homeopath and my hay-fever went, and it also helped greatly with allergies and asthma. It’s the most effective treatment I have ever tried including conventional medicine.”
Cindy Lund

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Family First... Aid

It's all about the minor ailments and family first aid. There is much can be done to help and we've heard many people suggest every home should have a homeopathic first aid kit.

There's a variety of excellent articles on the topic, such as this one on over the counter homeopathic medicines from Steven and Lee Kayne (the creators of the handy charts we've shared earlier in HAW): https://www.britishhomeopathic.org/charity/how-we-can-help/articles/first-aid-and-travel/over-the-counter-otc-medicines/

Community Pharmacist Carol Jackson advises on 20 remedies she'd pack in a homeopathic first aid kit: https://www.britishhomeopathic.org/charity/how-we-can-help/articles/first-aid-and-travel/first-aid/

Homeopathy for babies and children: https://www.britishhomeopathic.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/babies-and-children-factsheet.pdf

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Respiratory Issues

One of the most common misapprehensions concerning homeopathy relates to its potential in serious illness. Many people mistakenly assume that this gentle therapy is only effective in mild conditions. Before the advent of antibiotics, the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital received patients suffering from severe infections, on transfer from other hospitals in the city where there was no possibility for active treatment.

Case records from the beginning of the 20th century make interesting reading. They contain details of patients who recovered, under homeopathic treatment, from pneumonias and other severe infections. It is important to remember, however, that, among the successes, there are also a number of patients treated at the beginning of the 20th century, who died and who would probably have survived with modern intensive care.

The converse irony is that today, after years of over-prescribing, increasing numbers of our antibiotics are becoming ineffective, with the emergence of resistant bacterial strains. We can only hope that prejudice will not prevent the medical community from tapping into a long neglected homeopathic knowledge base, for the sake of these patients.

In severe acute cases a doctor’s primary responsibility is to the safety of the patient. Miss S presented acutely with a severe chest infection and bronchospasm on a Friday afternoon. She was severely breathless at rest and virtually unable to speak. This patient did not want hospital admission. We insisted, however, that she demonstrate an unequivocal remedy response within 30 minutes, or emergency hospital admission would be arranged for her. Her air entry began to improve rapidly following homeopathic Squilla maritima and she returned home with a remedy sequence and strict instructions to call for help if the improvement was not maintained. By the time of her review, on the following Monday, she was markedly improved. She was completely free of respiratory signs and symptoms by the end of that week.


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Feverish flu?

Richard Robinson advises on the homeopathic treatment and prevention of this common winter illness

One of my first personal experiences of the effectiveness of homeopathy was shortly after I started the long course in homeopathy at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital some years ago. I had been out for the day one Saturday, and on arriving home began to feel very unwell. I was shivery, hot and cold, with teeth chattering and feeling very weak. I dragged myself to bed with an inward groan, knowing that I would be unfit for anything for the next few days. I still had a clear enough head though, to think that since I was studying homeopathy, now would be a good time to see if these homeopathic remedies actually worked. Since my symptoms appeared to fit the Gelsemium picture I took a pilule of Gelsemium 30c followed by another one half an hour later, and then dozed off. I woke up after an hour and got out of bed – all the symptoms had completely disappeared! I was astounded! I had never had such an experience before – any previous time that I had had ‘flu symptoms like this, they would have been sure to last several days, with or without conventional treatment. I was very impressed!

Read the full post here: https://www.britishhomeopathic.org/charity/how-we-can-help/articles/conditions/i/influenza

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Caught a cough?

Coughs, colds and flu

but homeopathy can alleviate the symptoms, writes Jenifer Worden

Whilst the object of this article is to discuss homeopathic remedies for colds and flu and general winter ailments, we should consider why we catch these in the first place. Obviously, there are many opportunistic viruses that are contracted when we are suffering from something else. As a doctor, I see this frequently and the reason we catch these secondary infections is because our immune system has been weakened in combating the first and in this weakened state is not able to resist the onset of the second.

Read on for the full post from the British Homeopathic Association here: https://www.britishhomeopathic.org/charity/how-we-can-help/articles/conditions/c/coughs-and-sneezes-spread-diseases-4/


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