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“From the age of 13 I suffered from hay-fever and nothing the doctor did helped. My mother took me to a homeopath and my hay-fever went, and it also helped greatly with allergies and asthma. It’s the most effective treatment I have ever tried including conventional medicine.”
Cindy Lund
“From the age of 13 I suffered from hay-fever and nothing the doctor did helped. My mother took me to a homeopath and my hay-fever went, and it also helped greatly with allergies and asthma. It’s the most effective treatment I have ever tried including conventional medicine.”
Cindy Lund

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Mens Health

On average, men live four and a half years less than women. This statistic must change. Thousands of men die prematurely every year, often due to a range of preventable conditions. November is the month that men all around the world grow a moustache and come together to raise awareness of men’s health issues. Movember isn’t just for men though. Women should take this opportunity to encourage their husband, brother, father or friend to address any worrying health conditions.

Why do men still seem less willing to seek help with health conditions? Early diagnosis and intervention is essential. A delay can make things worse, or lead to long-term and chronic conditions, which could have been dealt with earlier. Don’t ignore concerns, or be embarrassed to discuss them. Sometimes things don’t get better on their own.

Perhaps you don’t know how to take that first step, can’t get a GP appointment, or get anxious in medical environments. If that’s the case, homeopathy could be the solution. An appointment with a homeopath will enable you to discuss all of your concerns in a non-medical environment. The homeopath will take the time to get a picture of your overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. They will look at you as a whole person, and give you time to go through all your concerns. Many homeopaths offer online consultations too, so you can get the help and advice you need from the comfort and privacy of your own home if you prefer.

Homeopathy can also be used to maintain good health and improve your general wellbeing. It’s used by millions of people around the world for a wide variety of conditions, and could be the solution to your health needs.

Take the first step to better health today, and find a registered homeopath in your area here at findahomeopath.org

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Back Pain

Back pain affects around a third of the population in the UK. We all know someone who has had back problems of some kind. Around 8 million people report having chronic pain that is moderate to severely disabling. The knock-on effect on days off work and cost to the taxpayer is considerable.

Behind each of these statistics, however, is a real person with a real family and a job, whose life is affected negatively on a daily basis. Back pain can have a significant impact on your physical and mental health.

Covid has likely made the problem worse. There have been greater numbers of people working from home, with many of us not set up properly for ongoing home working. How many of us make sure that our posture is correct? Do we have the right chair and table for daily working?

What people don’t often realise is that homeopathy can provide an option when you suffer from back pain.

Most people have heard of Arnica. It often proves helpful when you have an injury following over-exertion, like exercise or gardening. If you have pain in the neck and lower back which feels better with pressure or laying on a hard surface, then you could benefit from Ruta.

Remember, though, that homeopathy is a whole-person medicine which treats you as an individual. It treats the person, not the illness, and supports the body’s built in healing mechanism. A registered homeopath will look at all of your symptoms, and recommend a suitable homeopathic medicine. If you want to try homeopathy, book a consultation with a registered homeopath here on the Find a Homeopath website.

When it comes to back pain, it really is a case of don’t suffer in silence. It likely won’t get better on its own, and could turn into a chronic condition which is much harder to manage or treat.

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How relaxed do you feel? Do personal, family or work related tasks cause you anxiety which you find difficult to cope with? Perhaps the cost of living crisis, your finances, or the return to school is causing you to feel anxious. We are all unique individuals, and our ability to cope with life’s challenges varies greatly.

Anxiety and stress are normal parts of life. In fact, our body is designed to cope with small levels of anxiety and for short periods. The problem can occur when it is sustained for longer periods, and when you feel that it is affecting your health and wellbeing in everyday life.

If you are struggling to cope, and feel you need help, or perhaps you are finding it difficult to get an appointment with your GP,  then homeopathy could be an option. It’s a sustainable, safe and natural medicine, which is used by millions of people around the world.

A registered homeopath here on the Findahomeopath website will seek to identify the root cause of your anxiety. During a consultation, they will ask you about all aspects of your lifestyle and health history, and remedies are selected according to your unique needs.

If you wish to try a homeopathic remedy at home for yourself first, then Passiflora co could be the right option for you if your anxiety is causing sleeplessness. This remedy helps to rest the mind, and allows relaxation to enable sleep. There are many others though. You just need to find the right one for you.

Anxiety can lead to a range of physical and mental health issues if it isn’t addressed, so don’t put off seeking help. People start their homeopathy journey every day. Start yours today.

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Men's Health

Men’s health issues have gained much greater awareness in recent years, and rightly so, but much more needs to be done. Every June brings Men’s Health Week, when we encourage men to have greater awareness of their own mental and physical health, and what they can do to improve it.

Each year, your car needs an MoT to check it is roadworthy. You probably regularly check the oil in your car yourself, or tyres, or other things to make sure it doesn’t let you down. Many men don’t give the same level of care and attention to their own health. 

Take this opportunity to give yourself a personal MoT. Do something positive for your health and wellbeing. If you have a health problem which you have been putting off dealing with, or you just want to do better in taking care of your health, then make a pledge to yourself today to take action.

Millions of people around the world use homeopathy as part of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Perhaps it could be for you? Homeopathy is an individualised medicine which will seek to identify the root cause of your condition. During a consultation, a homeopath will ask you about all aspects of your lifestyle and health history. They will look at you as a whole person, and give you time to go through all your concerns. Remedies are selected according to each individual’s unique symptoms. It can also be used to maintain and promote positive health.

If you wish to try homeopathy, use this website to find a registered homeopath near you. You can also have a look at the Homeopathy app, listed on the apple store and Google Play as ‘Homeopathy UK’, where there is useful information about remedies.

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Family Mental Health

Mental health problems can happen at any time in your life, and to any member of your family. Whether it’s a teenager learning to deal with life’s challenges, a new mother taking care of a young child, or a grandparent feeling isolated and lonely, it’s essential that you take time to look after your family’s mental health, and seek support. Mental health problems can affect anyone. There’s no stigma to it.

1 in 6 people are estimated to have experienced a common mental health problem in the past week. If you or a family member are one of them, take this opportunity to get help. Feelings and symptoms that can be common with mental health problems include stress, anxiety, low mood and feeling sad. Whilst it’s common for us to feel some of these things from time to time, regular episodes, or ones which last for longer periods, should not be ignored.

Homeopathy offers a gentle, natural option which treats the whole person, not the symptoms. It offers you the opportunity to address all the feelings affecting your mental health. A homeopath will talk to you about all aspects of your life, and then choose a remedy personalised to you individually. There is no need for harsh drugs which may only mask symptoms or have unwanted side-effects. Homeopathy focuses on the underlying problems and the root cause.

Homeopathy is also great for prevention and maintaining health, so you don't have to wait until symptoms start to manifest themselves. From giving you an energy boost, to helping with sleep, to strengthening your coping mechanisms.

Build and maintain strong mental health for your whole family every day of the year.

You can find a registered homeopath in your area here on the Find a Homeopath website, where you will also find lots of helpful information on all aspects of homeopathy.

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