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“From the age of 13 I suffered from hay-fever and nothing the doctor did helped. My mother took me to a homeopath and my hay-fever went, and it also helped greatly with allergies and asthma. It’s the most effective treatment I have ever tried including conventional medicine.”
Cindy Lund
“From the age of 13 I suffered from hay-fever and nothing the doctor did helped. My mother took me to a homeopath and my hay-fever went, and it also helped greatly with allergies and asthma. It’s the most effective treatment I have ever tried including conventional medicine.”
Cindy Lund
Julien runs his private practice Rowan Health and the Edinburgh charitable clinic for Homeopathy UK. With 2 decades’ experience in integrative healthcare (homeopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture), he actively supports individuals, families, and professional athletes to reach their full potentials and live a joyful life.  
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Alliance of Registered Homeopaths

In 2001, six practising homeopaths identified the need to establish a highly professional, yet caring organisation, to represent homeopaths. They wanted to create an environment in which practitioners would be able to grow and develop on a personal level, in order to deliver quality homeopathy to their patients. At the same time, this organisation needed to register and regulate practitioners to a high standard. The ARH was founded to realise these ideals. We now have over one thousand registered, student and associate members.

What we do

  • Healthy medicine
    The ARH team is committed to securing a dynamic and viable future for homeopathy. We know that homeopathy really is ‘healthy medicine’. Every year, more and more people discover the healing benefits of homeopathy and decide to seek homeopathic treatment. We consider it to be essential that registered homeopaths have the skills necessary to deliver safe, effective healthcare to their patients. This starts with ensuring the availability of quality training in homeopathy. To help achieve this, the ARH is actively involved with education providers in the promotion and further development of high standards in homeopathic training. Once trained, we believe that the most constructive way in which to ensure that our members practise homeopathy responsibly and professionally, is to encourage them to engage in a whole range of activities. This is often referred to as ‘continuing professional development (CPD), and its purpose is to extend a practitioner’s knowledge, skills, competence and understanding of homeopathy, for the benefit of their patients. To facilitate this, we publish a high quality quarterly journal, Homeopathy in Practice, and have established an email based discussion forum, through which our members can share news, views and expertise. Our discussion forum provides a rich resource of valuable information.
  • Representation and sharing
    We represent the homeopathy profession at national level, and are actively involved in working with relevant Government departments to ensure that quality homeopathy is available to the public. We also believe in sharing experience and expertise across the profession, so we support and participate in a number of homeopathy forums, including the European Central Council of Homeopaths and the Course Providers Forum.
  • Research
    In order to provide accurate and useful information about homeopathy to patients and the public, it is becoming increasingly important to engage in research initiatives. The ARH actively supports research and publications which push back the boundaries of our knowledge and understanding of homeopathy. Our journal reflects this commitment. We consider evidence based practice to be an invaluable tool to advance this knowledge, and we encourage our members to audit their clinical practice, in order to record and analyse the effectiveness of the treatment delivered.
  • Information
    Our website; www.a-r-h.org carries useful information for patients, members of the public and homeopaths. We publish a regular newsletter, containing articles about homeopathy and other health issues, which is available as a free download on our ‘News and Events’ page. We welcome constructive feedback and suggestions for items to include in the future.

Registered members

In order to be eligible for registration with the ARH, applicants are required to successfully complete a full training in homeopathy at a course recognised by the ARH. They must demonstrate their readiness to practise safely, competently and effectively, to a high ethical standard. If an applicant meets the ARH’s criteria and becomes a registered member, they are expected to practise according to our comprehensive Code of Ethics (CoE), and renew their commitment to our CoE on an annual basis. All registered members of the ARH must hold insurance cover for malpractice, professional indemnity and public liability. We recognise that patients who choose homeopathy as their healthcare option, have a right to expect quality treatment delivered by a practitioner they feel able to trust, and who maintains a high standard of care, competence and conduct. We believe that our CoE clearly sets out the principles of ethical professional conduct, and we expect our registered members to adhere to these principles, both in spirit and to the letter. All registered members of the ARH are entitled to use the letters ‘MARH’.

We hope you have found the above description helpful. For further information please visit our website directly; www.a-r-h.org, or email us; info@a-r-h.org, or ring us; 01825 714506

Address: The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH), Millbrook, Millbrook Hill, Nutley, East Sussex, TN22 3PJ

Registered in the UK No: 4241422

For insurance purposes only, ARH is an Appointed Representative of Balens Ltd, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.