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“I was disenchanted with drugs and looking for a healthier approach. Homeopathy has improved my overall health by miles and I never have a need for anything else. ”
Victoria McCurdy
“I was disenchanted with drugs and looking for a healthier approach. Homeopathy has improved my overall health by miles and I never have a need for anything else. ”
Victoria McCurdy

New Year, New Health: A Sustainable Solution

January is often the month for fad diets and short term health fixes. After a Christmas and New Year period commonly filled with excesses, coupled with less activity, many of us decide that now is the time to exercise more, lose weight, or get healthy. Unfortunately, for the vast majority, these good intentions only last a few weeks, and another national lockdown does nothing to help our motivation.

One of the main reasons why so many of us fail with this, is because our actions are not sustainable, and our goals are not achievable. Our health is a 365 days a year project, not a few weeks here and there, so why not make 2021 a new dawn for your health, the year that you put your health first, and in a way which becomes part of your everyday life.

Health begins with maintenance of good health and prevention of illness. After all, it’s better to strengthen and protect your body from becoming unwell in the first place. Homeopathy works in a way which supports the whole body and stimulates the body’s own inbuilt healing mechanisms. It’s also natural, so there’s no toxic chemicals.

Start the new year by sleeping better and boosting your energy. Feeling refreshed and energised strengthens your immune system and helps you tackle not only illness, but the day to day pressures that so many of us are facing at the moment, from work worries to family stresses. Perhaps there’s a health niggle that you’ve been putting off dealing with for some time?

Having a homeopathy kit in the home is a brilliant way to start to use homeopathic medicines for yourself and your family. As a patient recently put it ‘every home should have a kit and every GP should be trained in homeopathy. That’d save the NHS a fortune’. Many minor ailments can be resolved quickly and easily with homeopathic medicines. To help kick start your healthy year, we wanted to share four homeopathic medicines that could be worth adding to your holistic health kit:

Arnica is one for every healthy first aid cupboard. Starting out a new fitness challenge? Taking up running again? Got kids in the house? Arnica, is great for bruising. It helps to reduce swelling, reduces pain and discolouration. It’s also great for over exertion – perfect for a new year challenge! Perhaps we’ll save telling you how it can help with jet lag for another time…

Rhus tox could be another useful homeopathic medicine for a new year get fit health kit. People needing Rhus tox feel better for movement, hence it being known as the ‘rusty gate’ homeopathic medicine. It can be helpful for joint pain especially stiffness that hurts on first movement, but then continued movement eases the pain. Pains are eased by warm applications. It can also be a great for rashes and is one to think of to help ease the itching of chicken pox spots.

Ruta, our last homeopathic medicine for the month, is particularly well known to help with sprains and strains, particularly of tendons and ligaments. Pain and stiffness is often made worse by cold, damp weather (watch out in the UK!) and eased by warmth and gentle movement. It may be helpful to think of in cases of eyestrain, and can help with this where it’s caused by over straining the small tendons of the eye.

As ever, to prescribe accurately, the homeopathic medicine needs to fit the symptoms of the case, and these descriptions are brief. There may be other homeopathic medicines that help. Please check out the ‘Homeopathy UK’ app for more details.

Make January the month that you take action and get your health on track. Make it a new dawn when you change to a natural, healthy option. Make it the time that you try homeopathy.