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“I have used homeopathy for my son who had eczema from 12 months and myself who had it since birth. I had every medication and was in and out of hospital. I’m now 90% better now than I was before seeing a homeopath. So impressed was I that I trained and am now qualified as a homeopath. ”
Jane Glover
“I have used homeopathy for my son who had eczema from 12 months and myself who had it since birth. I had every medication and was in and out of hospital. I’m now 90% better now than I was before seeing a homeopath. So impressed was I that I trained and am now qualified as a homeopath. ”
Jane Glover
Homeopathy offers everyone a complete and alternative system of medicine. Remedies are made from natural products, have no side effects, are not addictive and can be prescribed to any age group. Optimise your level of health by letting homeopathy gently encourage your own healing powers back into action.  
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Condition: Ileostomy, Crohn's disease
Joanna Hunt
How you found homeopathy.
I have had an ileostomy as a result of Crohns' Disease. I developed a rash around my stoma which made it difficult for my bag to stick. The rash spread over my body. I first became interested after a friend suggested a remedy for one of my dogs, which of course worked, and since then I use it all the time for my animals and myself.
How it benefited you or your family.
I went to the Dr about my rash (see first question)and was prescribed steroids orally and in a cream, a steroid/anti fungal cream and two types of anti histamines. They did not work. I used Sulphur and my rash decreased daily until it cleared up completely.

Condition: Menopause, Jet lag
How you found homeopathy.
avoiding conventional medicines, side effects.
How it benefited you or your family.
within 2/3 days felt completely different, less tired. But first 24-36 hours of treatment felt worse as expected. Never needed to resort to conventional .

Condition: Allergic conjunctivitis, Swelling
Zoe Tallis
How you found homeopathy.
After a couple of years of trying conventional medicine with no success, I tried 'Boots' flip cards, self-diagnosis. They suggested 'Apis mel' and I had an immediate beneficial effect. I continued with the whole bottle of pills and when they finished, the symptoms returned. I consulted a homeopath for a more permanent remedy and got it.
How it benefited you or your family.
1. Homeopathy cured my allergic conjunctivitis when conventional medicine didn't help .
2. My 2 sisters each had a baby which was born with eczema, they were referred to the London Homeopathic Hospital, they were cured after 3 treatments. My brother has been afflicted all his life, at great cost to himself and to the NHS.
3. My dog was was diagnosed with tracheal collapse, a homeopathic vet (Geoff Johnson) treated her and 8 weeks after seeing him she never had another choking incident. She lived, fit and healthy, for another 3 years and died of old age.

Condition: Mastitis (Cow)

Oliver Dowding
How you found homeopathy.
About eight different remedies to the different types of mastitis, which brings success. After making a commitment to convert the farm to organic methods it was clear that we need to to find another way to deal with disease than reliance upon conventional drugs. Followed an excellent manual called the herdsman's guide to homoeopathy, bought a small number of remedies, the herdsman deployed them on the evidence of those early successes was emboldening and clearly showed the potential that homoeopathy offered us. None of us ever looked back.
How it benefited you or your family.
The benefit was enormous on the huge range of diseases that we encountered on the farm. Besides mastitis we dealt with many other problems, including ringworm, assisting with easier calving for the cattle, fertility issues, foot problems, eye disease, a whole range of things that calves and younger animals suffer with etc etc.

Condition: Chronic insomnia
Christine Jahnig
How you found homeopathy.
I recognized that conventional medicine did not have an effective and non-addictive treatment that helped me and also realized that it was not addressing the root cause of my sleeplessness. When a homeopath opened a practice in my area I immediately made an appointment for a consultation.
How it benefited you or your family.
Through homeopathic treatment I am able to fall sleep easily and wake up refreshed. Prior to that treatment it was extremely difficult for me to fall asleep, and on a couple of occasions I went for as long as a week without sleeping.

I and my family use homeopathy and have had great benefits from it for a variety of other health conditions like warts, bronchitis and injuries to nerves and skin.

Condition: Hyperactive child
Cristina Herrero
How you found homeopathy.
A friend introduced me to Homeopathy because my child was extremely active. She also had frequent colds and cystitis and got eczema after her 4 year old vaccinations. She was just getting one course of antibiotics after another.
How it benefited you or your family.
After homeopathic treatment my child's behaviour improved a lot, she rarely got a cold, she never had cystitis again and her eczema cleared completely.

Condition: Anger and anxiety
Hannah miles
How you found homeopathy.
I was encouraged by my acupuncturist to see a homeopath. I had an injury and had become very anxious about returning to work and peoples opions. This produced anger, especially on my boyfriend but also on myself.
I contacted the homeopath and felt so much better about things and gradually gained confidence.
I'm now studying homeopathy and used it all the time. Also making recommendations to friends and clients.
How it benefited you or your family.
When my sister was a toddler, she suffered from really bad excema. My Dad tried everything from the over the counter medicines and prescriptions. Last resort was to see a homeopath. Her eczema has gone two days after taking sulphur.
Keywords: Sulphur Anger Anxiety Eczema  

Condition: My dog's repeated eye infections
How you found homeopathy.
Homeopathy cured me of chronic colds which I had had for over 30 years and soon afterwards I took my pug to a homeopathic vet.
How it benefited you or your family.
My pug had suffered from repeated eye infections for the first 8 years of her life. we were told that Pugs had a genetic predisposition, they have a very short nose and bulging eyes.
After seeing a homeopathic vet when the dog was 8 year old she was cured and never suffered from any other eye problems until she died at the age of 13.

Condition: Allergic rhinitis, also raised dark brown skin blemish.
Simone Oates
How you found homeopathy.
One day I fell over and someone gave me an arnica tablet, I was amazed not to have any bruising the next day.
How it benefited you or your family.
I had suffered from allergic rhinitis since childhood and having tried everything I assumed there was no cure. What was stranger was that I had a brown raised blemish on my hand which had been slowly growing for many years. It disappeared 4 years ago and has not returned.

Condition: Sinusitis
How you found homeopathy.
Was recommended by my friend who got cured of a similar condition
How it benefited you or your family.
My allergies went away in 3 months. I have a newfound energy in life.

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