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“I have used homeopathy for my son who had eczema from 12 months and myself who had it since birth. I had every medication and was in and out of hospital. I’m now 90% better now than I was before seeing a homeopath. So impressed was I that I trained and am now qualified as a homeopath. ”
Jane Glover
“I have used homeopathy for my son who had eczema from 12 months and myself who had it since birth. I had every medication and was in and out of hospital. I’m now 90% better now than I was before seeing a homeopath. So impressed was I that I trained and am now qualified as a homeopath. ”
Jane Glover
Sarah Davison is a natural menopause wellbeing expert, who uses homeopathy, coaching and education to help her clients escape menopause misery without synthetic hormones. Her experience as a corporate innovation consultant, working Mum and business owner means she understands the impact menopause can have on her clients’ daily life.  

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Condition: my verticos vains, other kids treatment- constipation, skin problems
Dorota Mac
How you found homeopathy.
through internet - consipation of daughter- , now i join may homeopathic groupson fb
How it benefited you or your family.
Homeopathy benefited my whole family, kids , me husband, friends. Homepoathy is helping us to treat many problems, make stronger our immune system. Helped us with skin problems, pneumonia, bronchitis, croup, worms, menstrual problems, teeth problems, colds, flu, testical pain, kidney pain, hernia pain, sciatica, back problems, mental problem due to alcohol over use- in one of family members, reumatic disease, knee problems, consipation, and many many more. For last 3 years my closest family is almost not using any of allopathic medicine- few times faver reducing medicine for kids - because i couldn't contact homeopath to adviced us what to use to reduce fever.Other : Ears pain, tooth pain, Gastric problems. Catarrh. Speach problems. Stroke. And many more.

Condition: Sleeping 16 hrs a day-pregnant
How you found homeopathy.
Years of being tempted to use homeopathy, but too scared as unknown. First pill resolved issue to 8 hrs a day! Nat mur 30c
How it benefited you or your family.
Many other similar experiences. Scan of baby and within hours major hot rash over abdomen for three weeks, sleeping no more than 3 hrs a night. GP could do nothing as pregnant. went to naturopath who gave me xray in homepoathy form. rash gone within hours.

Condition: Emotional problems caused by death of infant in time past
Carol Gill
How you found homeopathy.
My daughter recommended
How it benefited you or your family.
Helped me deal with intense emotions - grief and unhappiness in marriage
Keywords: Stress Grief  

Condition: Endometriosis
How you found homeopathy.
I first became interested in homeopathy to try and cure my symptoms. I started studying and as I learnt I realized the subject was too big to treat myself so sought a professional homoeopath to treat me.
How it benefited you or your family.
I suffered from intense pelvic pain for 15 years. After 5 years of going to various doctors, I received a diagnosis of endometriosis but the only solutions were pain killers and then more drugs to deal with the side effects. Every month my period pain was so intense I would go to the emergency room and be put on a pethidine drip. It was recommended to me to take Provera which I did for 6 months, on completion of this course of drug treatment the pain returned 3 weeks out of 4. I took codeine just to get to work. My medical options then were Zoledex (to give a drug induced menopause) or hysterectomy. I had just got married so didn't like either of these options. I contacted a professional homeopath who had my pain back to one day a month after 6 weeks of treatment and completely pain free after 6 months. I went on to have a healthy pregnancy and delivered a healthy boy. If it wasn't for homeopathy I would not have my son.

Condition: Asthma
Stuart Davie
How you found homeopathy.
My partner has always used homeoapthy and recommended that I see a homeopath nearly 12 years ago. I have used it ever since.
How it benefited you or your family.
Homeopathy has reduced the asthma attacks and my dependency on asthma inhalers. I also feel that it has enhanced my overall well-being.
Keywords: Asthma Aurum Arsenicum  

Condition: Hayfever
How you found homeopathy.
Did not want to take steroids every Spring.
How it benefited you or your family.
I grew up on the coast in Cornwall & never suffered from hayfever. However at age 28 I moved to London. Every year for about 6 years in April I would feel unwell, with a cough that seemed to always develop into a chest infection & I would be ill for over a month. One April there was a locum doctor at the surgery & she told me I was suffering from hayfever, most likely due to a combination of tree pollen & pollution! She prescribed a nasal spray & hayfever tablets. I collected these & they relieved my symptoms but I saw that the nasal spray contained a steroid which I did not want to use. I researched homeopathic remedies for hayfever / coughs & discovered gelsemium. It works fantastically - when I feel the first signs of hayfever I take some gelsemium & the symptoms don't develop any further. I've not suffered from hayfever for the last 10 years although I got a slight bout this year as I mis-judged my early symptoms as a cold so it took a bit longer for the gelsemium to take effect but it was still gone in 4 days, a lot better than four weeks of chest infection like the bad old days.
Keywords: Hayfever Gelsemium  

Condition: Acute anxiety, worry, obsessive thoughts, panic attacks and superstitiousness.
How you found homeopathy.
My friend is a registered homeopath and has helped me in the past.
How it benefited you or your family.
I can not praise homeopathy enough. In fact I truly believe I would not be here today had it not been for my friend providing me with homeopathy. I was at a stage where I believed suicide was the only way I would be free of 24/7 crippling anxiety and constant worry with obsessive thoughts. After suffering for several longs months I was given the remedy Stramonium. Within 2 days the anxiety, worry, o.c.d, superstitiousness had virtually been eradicated. It is 2 month since I have taken Stramonium and I have not had 1 more panic attack or felt anxious. I feel like the old happy me again. I am absolutely in awe of homeopathy. From being on the cusp of suicide with no hope to feeling wonderfully free and happy .....is......just simply.....amazing. Thank you.

Condition: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME)
Abigail Beck
How you found homeopathy.
My husband suggested I try it as his sister and brother-in-law practice it. He knew I was still unwell and thought it was worth a shot. I was out of hope and skeptical but I agreed.
How it benefited you or your family.
Having been suffering with ME/CFS for 3 years, it was the cure that people told me wasn't possible. The effects were almost immediate and I now enjoy a full life again symptom-free! It's completely converted me and now I use it for everything. Don't know how it works but it absolutely does.

Condition: Chronic Urticaria
How you found homeopathy.
I have suffered from urticaria on and off for over 10 years. More recently it had become bad every couple of months for a period of 2-3 weeks. I was covered with weals, all over my body, terrible itching and often had swelling in my lips and eyes after eating.
Over the years, I have seen doctors, had allergy tests and taken a variety of antihistamines which hadnt really helped.
In October 2013, I had a really bad case and was signed off work. The weals were everywhere, itchy and I had swellings every time I ate. I was so very upset and uncomfortable. It was at this point that I knew I had to try something different to help.
How it benefited you or your family.
I saw Jan Brearley in Lichfield, Staffordshire. She tried to identify the link between each outbreak, how I was feeling, what I thought could have caused it, what my personal and work life was like. It really helped to talk too. She really cared and listened and wanted to help me.
She identified that as a working mom, I was extremely busy, a control freak who at the same time needed support. She prescribed carcinogen for me and vitamin tablets.
I have been taking these now for about 9 months and in that time, I have had the 'odd' weal but no more severe outbreaks.
I am also a much calmer person now and less of a control freak!
Seeing Jan and having homeopathy treatment has had such a positive effect on me. The remedy has helped alleviate the weals and being able to talk to Jan identified the cause.

Condition: Crohn's disease
Jewlz Rivera
How you found homeopathy.
A GI doctor prescribed two high dosage antibiotics as a cocktail to "treat" a mild inflammation in my ileos. Three days later, I had chronic, bloody diarrhea and other complications that became life-threatening. At that point, I was diagnosed with Crohn's - never had this disease until the chemicals damaged me. In a matter of days, my gut was stripped of its flora and cilia, causing massive weight and mineral loss, dehydration. The severity of my body's reaction to these toxins propelled me to research homeopathic and holistic remedies.
How it benefited you or your family.
It took Western medicine two weeks to almost destroy me. Though the natural repair will take years, I'm on the right road to recovery. Six months later, I'm eating, digesting better. The weight gain is gradual but steadily climbing. I'm much better today.
Keywords: Crohns Disease  

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