Incorrect details

If you are a homeopath listed on this site and your contact details are not correct, please contact the register that you are a member with to have them updated. The Find a Homeopath website is a portal displaying the same information as on the register's site, therefore if there is an error in the data then it must originate from there.

Please first ask your register to correct your information, and the Find a Homeopath website will be updated automatically. If the problem still persists you may need to refresh your browser to clear the cache. If after this you still have a problem, please contact technical support.

If you no longer wish to be listed on the Find a Homeopath website, then please contact the main registering body to have your details removed. This will not affect your listing with them.

Not listed at all

The Find a Homeopath website was created by the 4Homeopathy group to promote homeopathy, engage in campaigning and political activity, train and support media spokespeople and to disseminate reliable and well researched information.

4 Homeopathy is made up of several stakeholders including the 4 main homeopathic registers, The Faculty of Homeopathy, The Society of Homeopaths and The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths. These four registers are all able to ensure that their members practice to agreed minimum standards, all carry insurance, practice to an agreed Code of Ethics and all have a robust complaints procedure. In addition their members have all trained to at least a minimum NOS standard. Each register contributes financially to the ongoing work of 4Homeopathy, in addition to providing other assets and resources to the group. Each sends a representative to the group meetings in order to participate in the operational and decision making activities of the group, as well as further developing the group’s political work.

Because of this we are unable to accept other registers or individuals to be listed on to the website. The best way to benefit from the work 4 Homeopathy is doing or to be listed on the Find a Homeopath website is to join one of the registers involved.