James Lawrence MARH

Keats Health Complementary Clinic
18A London Road
m: 07896 533 193
e: james@zenearththerapies.co.uk
w: www.ZenEarthTherapies.co.uk

m: 07896 533 193
e: james@zenearththerapies.co.uk
w: www.ZenEarthTherapies.co.uk

Registered: Alliance of Registered Homeopaths
Graduated: 2013
Trained: School of Shamanic Homeopathy

James Lawrence, MARH, RHom - 07896 533 193 -
Registered Homeopath - Based in Enfield and North London areas

Homeopathy & Mental Health
-A misunderstanding!
Mental health is in many cases can be misunderstood and extremely hidden from ones view. A personality imbalance may appear normal to most people and some extremes are more obvious.

-The Family dynamic
Many are suffering in silence, the internal build up can be crippling and in some cases devastating. The roller coaster of highs, lows and confusion can lead to inner questions of stability, guilt, fear and uncertainty.

When someone close is in a chronic cycle or experiencing and ongoing mental imbalanced state it maybe you that needs the added support.

-More common than you think
Most people at some time have Mental imbalances at different periods of their lives and experience it in a manner of different ways. I often take the mental situation as a strong part of the case at hand to find the root cause of the your issue.

-Just a Thought
It can be difficult to separate the negative & thoughts, potentially experiencing constant bombardment of thoughts that make you feel bad, stressed, ashamed, guilty, let down, grieved, anxious, uncertain, hysterical and the list goes on.

Adults : £75 initial appointment (Approx 1.5 to 2 hours)
thereafter £60 all following appointments (Approx 1 hour).
Children : £60 initial appointment
thereafter £50 all following appointments.
(Includes 2 bottles of remedies)

Feel free to call James for a free of charge informal chat if you would like to find out more before committing to a long term consultation.

Contact James on;
Call / Text - 07896 533 193
Email - james@zenearththerapies.co.uk
View Website - www.zenearththerapies.co.uk

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