British Homeopathic Association
The British Homeopathic Association is a registered charity founded in 1902. The principal objects of the charity are to promote and develop the study and practice of homeopathy and to advance education and research in the theory and practice of homeopathy provided that the useful results of such research shall be published.

Friends of the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine
Founded in 1975, the Friends is a registered charity (No.269289) and voluntary organisation run by its members for the benefit of the patients and staff of the hospital.

Homeopathy Action Trust
Homeopathy Action Trust is the membership charity that encourages and supports public understanding of homeopathy, for the benefit of patients, practitioners and students. We believe Homeopathy is invaluable to many people and plays an important role in maintaining their health and wellbeing. The Trust advocates that patients retain their right to choose Homeopathic treatment and access to it through our projects, on the NHS or privately.

Homeopathy Research Institute
The Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI) is an innovative charity created to address the need for reliable scientific evidence in homeopathy. They use resources and expertise to foster new projects and to improve the quality of research being carried out in this field.


Homeopathy Worked For Me

Travelling Homoeopaths Collective

This list is not exhaustive and is offered in the spirit of sharing and providing information to interested parties. Inclusion of any organisation is not an endorsement for their activities, policies or statements from the 4H group.