Lynda and her animals
Homeopathy worked for me : 1m 21s
Lynda talks about how homeopathy has worked for all her animals, giving examples of how it's helped two of her dogs. It's also helped her chickens and cats, and herself.
Em and Monica
Homeopathy 4 Cats : 0m 55s
Em talks about how homeopathy quickly and effectively helped her cat. Homeopathy for healthy animals, naturally.
Vicky and Mario
Homeopathy 4 Horses : 1m 18s
Keep animals healthy with homeopathy: meet Vicky and Mario and hear how homeopathy saved Mario's life. After conventional treatments weren't helping him, Vicky turned to homeopathy and thankfully Mario is doing brilliantly using homeopathic medicines.
Claudine and Jackson
Homeopathy 4 Dogs : 2m 32s
Claudine talks about how after adverse reactions to conventional medications, homeopathy and dietary changes helped Jackson return to health.
Pip and her gun dogs
Homeopathy 4 Dogs : 2m 00s
Gun dog trainer Philippa talks about she has used homeopathy all of her life, giving examples of seeing it working with lambs and talking about how healthy her dogs are using it, as well as a recent example of reducing the need for antibiotic use.
Eczema - Homeopathy worked for me : 4m 17s
Patients talk about how homeopathy has helped them.
Eczema - Homeopathy worked for me : 4m 06s
Patients talk about how homeopathy has helped them.
Digestive problems - Homeopathy worked for me : 3m 02s
Patients talk about how homeopathy has helped them.
Rheumatoid Arthritis - Homeopathy worked for me : 3m 02s
Patients talk about how homeopathy has helped them.
Arlene Phillips CBE
Living Dress : 1m 58s
Arlene Phillips CBE, choreographer, Strictly Come Dancing star and former dancer, celebrated homeopathy on the red carpet at the National Television Awards wearing a 'living dress' decorated with real flowers that are all used for homeopathic remedies, including Clematis, Hydrangea and others.
Dr Stephan Baumgartner
Homeopathy Research : 5m 53s
Ground-breaking experiments testing homeopathic arsenic on wheat seedlings. Expert laboratory teams in Switzerland and Italy are getting unexplainable results.
Dr Elizabeth Thompson
Homeopathy Research : 6m 30s
NHS Consultant discusses her varied research experience, including testing homeopathy for treatment of hot flushes caused by tamoxifen in breast cancer patients.
Dr Elio Rossi
Homeopathy Research : 6m 32s
Dr Elio Rossi on his clinical research inTuscany, Italy looking at effects of homeopathy for conditions typically treated in general practice, including results from 4000 consecutive patients.
Miranda Castro
Homeopathy Research : 4m 02s
Benefits of tracking clinical results in homeopathic practice. Miranda Castro on her homeopathy practice, clinical audit and how one informs the other.
The Snooks
About homeopathy : 0m 44s
About homeopathy. This animation helps to explain what individualised homeopathic treatment is all about, and how it could be the safe, gentle and non-toxic healthcare choice you've been looking for.
The Snooks
What happens when you visit a homeopath? : 0m 45s
What happens when you visit a homeopath? This animation helps to explain what happens when you visit a homeopath and receive individualised treatment. This is what to expect when you consult with a professional, registered homeopath.
The Snooks
Why try homeopathy? : 0m 49s
Why try homeopathy? This animation explains some of the reasons that millions of people around the world choose homeopathy as a healthcare treatment, and why you too might find it helpful.
Amal Fashanu
Homeopathy works for me : 1m 16s
I try really hard to lead a healthy and more importantly, natural lifestyle. I've used homeopathy for a wide range of health issues and it's never let me down.
Janey Lee Grace
Homeopathy works for me : 2m 03s
I'm passionate about 100% natural health and wellbeing, and believe that it's so valuable for people to take responsibility for their health, and to try a natural approach.
Stacey Dooley
Homeopathy works for me : 1m 35s
I first discovered homeopathy when a friend suggested trying it to overcome my phobia of flying and I haven't looked back since.
Louise Hazel
Homeopathy works for me : 1m 47s
As a professional Athlete I believe it's incredibly important to carefully consider what you are putting into your body. That is why I take a natural approach to my health and well-being.
Charlotte Jackson
Homeopathy works for me : 1m 53s
I'm totally accident-prone and after numerous bumps and bruises, my Dad, a doctor, suggested I visit a homeopath for neck pains and migraines.
Alice Barlow
Homeopathy works for me : 2m 01s
I'm relatively new to the world of homeopathy but have already seen noticeable results.
Jo Wood
Homeopathy works for me : 2m 12s
I'm a firm believer in all things natural and always used to treat my children with homeopathic remedies - gentle and safe, yet still effective.
Sara Eames
Patient care : 2m 45s
Dr Sara Eames, President of the Faculty of Homeopathy talks about patient care and homeopathy on the NHS.
Mani Norland
About Homeopathy : 3m 46s
Mani Norland, Principal of the School of Homeopathy discusses how homeopathy works, his experience with it and what he would say to the critics of homeopathy.
Cristal Sumner
About Homeopathy : 2m 29s
Cristal Sumner, Chief Executive, Faculty of Homeopathy talks about homeopathy.
Mo Morrish
Science in homeopathy : 3m 26s
Mo Morrish, Principal at the British School of Homeopathy talks about science in homeopathy.
Rajan Sankaran
What is homeopathy? : 7m 05s
Rajan Sankaran explains how homeopathy works and goes into detail about its ability to cure.
David Mundy
The Homeopathic Consultation : 3m 50s
David Mundy discusses the homeopathic consultation and what happens during one.
Rajan Sankaran
Answer to Critics : 8m 35s
Rajan Sankaran talks to the critics of homeopathy, explaining how he sees its effectiveness every day through his patients.
Rajan Sankaran
Modern Medicine : 3m 49s
Rajan Sankaran discusses why modern medicine is popular and how ignorance and money could be the reasons why homeopathy is not as popular.
Misha Norland
The Nature of Influence : 4m 56s
Misha Norland discusses how homeopathy works and how we can see it working, especially in children and animals.
Jeremy Sherr
The Popularity of Homeopathy : 3m 28s
Jeremy Sherr discusses the popularity of homeopathy worldwide.