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Condition: Varicose veins, Sinusitis, Bruising
Philippa Scantlebury
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
My parents first introduced me to homeopathy as a teenager. Have used it ever since. Used it through out my children's up bringing. Now use it on my 5 year old grand son.
Too many ailments to name all. Arnica brilliant for bruising. Kali Bich when sinusitis threatens. Aconite first sign of cold. Possibly followed by others.
I see my homeopath 4 times a year for my general well being. If I have a specific condition, I contact her earlier, and either meet or she prescribes over phone or computer. Over the years I have had various things helped. Currently, Nicky is helping with my varicose veins of 30 years! A slow process.
Keywords: SinusitisVaricose VeinsArnicaKali BichAconite  

Condition: my verticos vains, other kids treatment- constipation, skin problems
Dorota Mac
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
through internet - consipation of daughter- , now i join may homeopathic groupson fb
Homeopathy benefited my whole family, kids , me husband, friends. Homepoathy is helping us to treat many problems, make stronger our immune system. Helped us with skin problems, pneumonia, bronchitis, croup, worms, menstrual problems, teeth problems, colds, flu, testical pain, kidney pain, hernia pain, sciatica, back problems, mental problem due to alcohol over use- in one of family members, reumatic disease, knee problems, consipation, and many many more. For last 3 years my closest family is almost not using any of allopathic medicine- few times faver reducing medicine for kids - because i couldn't contact homeopath to adviced us what to use to reduce fever.Other : Ears pain, tooth pain, Gastric problems. Catarrh. Speach problems. Stroke. And many more.
Keywords: Varicose VeinsConstipationSkin ProblemCausticumBelladonnaNatrum Muriaticum