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Condition: Cancer (complimentary care)
Jennifer McCusker
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
Main reason for seeing a homeopath was: my GP kept giving me tablet after tablet for various symptoms (after my husband died in 1990) - most were for the side effects from the previous tablet. Went for my first consultation with a doctor who was a homeopath -friend's suggestion - he helped me get off all the tablets I was on and I started feeling better.
In 2006 I had radical surgery for a stage III tumour in the uterus.
Refused all the conventional medicine like chemo, radiotherapy etc. Got a remedy from Doctor at Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital. It was called Diospyros Kaki. That was not the only thing I did on the complementary medicine front, but I am still alive almost 7 years later.
Keywords: Diospyros KakiCancerTumour