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Condition: Allergic conjunctivitis, Swelling
Zoe Tallis
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
After a couple of years of trying conventional medicine with no success, I tried 'Boots' flip cards, self-diagnosis. They suggested 'Apis mel' and I had an immediate beneficial effect. I continued with the whole bottle of pills and when they finished, the symptoms returned. I consulted a homeopath for a more permanent remedy and got it.
1. Homeopathy cured my allergic conjunctivitis when conventional medicine didn't help .
2. My 2 sisters each had a baby which was born with eczema, they were referred to the London Homeopathic Hospital, they were cured after 3 treatments. My brother has been afflicted all his life, at great cost to himself and to the NHS.
3. My dog was was diagnosed with tracheal collapse, a homeopathic vet (Geoff Johnson) treated her and 8 weeks after seeing him she never had another choking incident. She lived, fit and healthy, for another 3 years and died of old age.
Keywords: ConjunctivitisEczemaTracheal CollapseApis MelSulphurSamium Muriaticum