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Condition: Hayfever, General health
Cindy Lund
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
My mother took me aged 13 as I had terrible hayfever and nothing the doctor did helped. The homeopathy cured the hayfever and helped a lot with allergies and asthma. I later suffered from anxiety and depression and homeopathy has been the most effective treatment and I have tried everything including conventional medication.
It has cured hayfever, allergies, asthma, injuries of all kinds, infections, teething problems, tonsillitis, warts/verrucas, ringworm, emotional problems, coughs, flu. My kids haven't needed to take an antibiotic or other conventional medicine (including calpol) more than once or twice and they are 12 and 8.
Keywords: HayfeverAsthmaDepressionTonsillitisAnxietyWartsVerrucaRingworm  

Condition: Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
My mother took us to Homeopaths when we were young, initially to help my sister who had asthma.
I had chronic fatigue syndrome and initially tried the allopathic route only to end up feeling more ill, so I decided to try Homeopathy again which is the only thing that brought me back into balance and made me well. I have also had many bouts of tonsillitis and sore throats through the years and Homeopathy helps enormously with this. I have only used Homeopathy with my daughter and we've come through tonsillitis, sore throats, whooping coughs, bronchitis and scarlet fever with the help of a very supportive Homeopath. It still amazes me when taking the best suited remedy how well and it works and how much better I feel emotionally, physically and mentally, less stuck and more able to flow with life again. I don't know where I would be without Homeopathy. I'm very grateful for the people who've spent their lives dedicated to bringing this gift to us.
Keywords: AsthmaChronic Fatigue SyndromeTonsillitisBronchitis  

Condition: Tonsillitis, Stye
Sandar Warshal
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I found homeopathic remedies worked better than conventional medicine. My baby son was on his second round of antibiotics. I did not want to use them so I went to a homeopath. His remedy worked on his chronic tonsillitis and he was never bothered again by sore throats or tonsillitis.
A few days ago I developed a stye like bump on my eye lid. I soaked it in hot water using euphrasia drops and I took euphrasia tablets. In two days it had gone down. I am usually very healthy so don't usually need anything but when I do, homeopathy works well.
Keywords: TonsillitisStyeEuphrasia  

Condition: Rhinitis, IBS, asthma, tonsillitis and colds that went to chest
Renata Rinaldini
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
Used Homeopathy whilst studying for my in dental surgery uni degree & went to see a homeopath out of desperation. As I used to get many colds & throats infections & spent much time of the year on antibiotics. At first, (plus my uni training drumming into us that drugs were the saviours of human health!) I did not believe I was going to be helped by it. However to my astonishment, it did help me!! The homeopathic treatment was a process and not a miracle pill, but at the end it was all worth it as I was not getting sick from the pharmaceutical drugs side effects any more. Homeopathy has become my first choice for any ailments I might have, ranging from emotional ones to physical ones.
Many decades have passed since I first came in contact with homoeopathy & as we all have genetic tendencies in us to develop certain chronic diseases. Such as once, when I was diagnosed with insulin resistance in my 40's & took drugs which after 2-3 weeks began to make me sick with its side effects & had no effect on the insulin problem. So I ditched the drugs & went to see a homoeopath, and Homoeopathy again dealt with this inheritance tendency. It took a month or two, but all is fine now. No drugs and no insulin resistance. I suppose homoeopathic treatment works quicker with me as it is my first and preferred method of healing my health.
Keywords: RhinitisIBSAsthmaTonsillitisColdsGraphitesSepiaLycopodium  

Condition: Bedwetting, eczema, aggression, tonsillitis, insect bites, itchy eyes, vomiting, travel sickness
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I learnt how to use homeopathy for acute and first aid conditions, and was amazed by how quickly and effectively it worked for my family and friends. Since then I and members of my family have been treated for chronic conditions and have been gently and effectively healed.
Homeopathy has significantly reduced the aggression which one of my children displayed, and also helped with his eczema. Another of my children stopped wetting the bed once he had his remedy.
Keywords: Bed WettingEczemaAggressionTonsillitisTravel SicknessVomiting  

Condition: Severe tonsillitis
Dr. Anke Zimmermann, ND
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I was introduced to homeopathy in my third year of naturopathic college. actually attending naturopathic college. I had no previous experience with homeopathy and could not get my head around the way in which homeopathic remedies were prepared. I was afraid that I had just wasted three years of pre-med and two years of naturopathic college education just to be turned into a quack. I seriously considered quitting. It was kind of devastating. This was in 1989 and there were only 13 students in my years. Dolisos at the time gave each of us a free homoepathic first aid kit with about 30 remedies.
Shortly after this I woke one night with a severely inflamed left tonsil. It was the size of a golf ball, I could barely swallow and was in a lot of pain. This came out of nowhere and I was at a loss of what to do. Then I remembered our homeopathy teacher going over remedies for sore throats the previous week. He had told us about a special remedy which was good for left-sided tonsillitis. It did not help my faith in homeopathy to learn that it was made from snake venom! I checked the homeopathy kit and it was there, I took two pellets and in ten minutes felt 80% better. I became a homeopath!
Keywords: TonsillitisLachesis  

Condition: Anger
Antonio Peixinho Ferreira
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
68 years ago my mother sent for a Homeopathic in Rio de Janeiro for my tonsillitis, in Brasil!
I live and am studying with a great Homeopath, Karen Rae Ferreira, for 24 years. Many amazing cases a have witnessed.
Keywords: TonsillitisLachesis  

Condition: for all my healthy problems, akut or chronical
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
30 years ago I had a bad angina tonsillaris with high fever and felling very bad. A Homeopathy helped me to be healthy very soon. In only a few hours the fever was gone, also the pain and the next day I was able to manage everything like before.
Before homeopathy I had nearly one week a month an infect with fever. Also my menstruation was very strong. I have neurodermitis for many years.
Keywords: TonsillitisAurum MetallicumSulphurBellis Perennis  

Condition: Sinus, Headaches
Philip Joseph
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
Cured of Sinus headaches, then started self study
Helped cure Tonsillitis of family member
Keywords: SinusTonsillitis