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Condition: Tinnitus, Abdomen pain, Sigmoid flexure
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
If conventional medicine is capable of curing disease, how come you have to repeat the medicines, sometimes for life? To me this is clearly not cure but suppression of the underlying cause. I wish my symptoms to be cured not suppressed. I have been choosing this option, as a fully trained and registered practising pharmacist for 30 years with great success for both myself and thousands of patients icluding a wide spectrum of animals; dogs, cats, horses, sherp, goats, pigs, chickens and cattle. Having a good knowledge of the practice, principles and science behind both conventional medicine and homoeopathy is a great benefit in making a reasonable and logical choice. Next time someone claims it is rubbish ask them what their actual personal experience is. Don't be deluded by ideas, stick to reality all aspects of your life.

I worked as a registered pharmacist for three years, dispensing millions of pills, mostly to the same group of individuals in repeat prescriptions. Being totally dispirited by seeing the same people marching in with prescriptions day after day, week after week, I decided that this wasnt working. A pharmacist colleague suggested I read abook on the science of homoeopathy by George Vithoulkas, which had recently been published. I could not put it down and on turning the last page was determined to seek the truth behind the words. Managing a high street pharmacy, full each day with desperate patients was a good place to start. I was literally spoilt for choice. I experimented on the first man who walked in that morning and ended up curing a chronic case of tinnitus, something conventional drugs are incapable of achieving to this day.
I had an acute pain in my left abdomen and felt sick and weak. The symptoms came on suddenly when I was at work, so I gentlty walked round the corner to a friend who is a homoeopathic doctor. He examined me and diagnosed an acute inflammation of the sigmoid flexure, which we both knew required antibiotics and painkillers for at least a week to see it off. He popped a dose of Belladonna 10M into my dry mouth and the result was astonishing. Within 30 seconds the concentrated burning marble of pain in my left gut subsuded and I felt the heat spread like a wave over my body. As I looked up and tugged my shirt to release the heat, my doctor grinned. The pain never came back.
Keywords: TinnitusAbdomen PainSigmoid FlexureBelladonna  

Condition: emphysema + tinnitus
Rachel Browne
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
Medical science failed
Homeopathy allowed me to breath. My personal trainer has said he can't believe I've got any wrong with my lungs. My mother was told that tinnitus was incurable, but my homeopath cured her.
Keywords: EmphysemaTinnitus