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Condition: Chicken pox then for every health condition that I have ever had.
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
First used homeopathy aged 5 when i had chicken pox, later at 15,when i devloped seizures after a vaccine, homeopathy again set me right, the doctors had put me on carbanmazepine and told me i had to live with it, I am totally cured now and no relapses what so ever. I am truely indebted to homeoapthy for the quality of life it has given me. My gratitude is immersurable!
This was the turning point in my life, i noticed how it always made me feel better and was a better way of dealing with my medical problems in the most gentle yet dynamic way! I have become a homeopath myself and have raised my children on homeopathy more than allopathy, it always works and has never let us down, our pets too are on homeopathy, and live a more happier and healthier life with it. It is very hard for my husband who is a trained medic to acknowledge this, however, whether he admits to the power of homeopathy, we all know, it works works every time, everytime when allopathy has failed. Whether, my patients give credit to homeopathy? Some do, some are baffled, some get spooked and others are reluctant to admit!
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