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Condition: low back pain - sacroilic nerve
Mrs Jennifer Pocock
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Over the last 27 years I have used many different remedies and have had enormous relief from different illnesses. I had back problems from my early 20's and when I was in my late 30's went on a day course on homeopathy to just get an idea of same. I told the lecturer my back problem and he suggested Rhus Tox. I ordered Rhus Tox in the 200 strength. I only took one dose and my back problem disappeared and I then I realised a week later the the problem I had with my knees had also disappeared. Approximately six months down the line I had to have another dose, but I have had no problems with this condition since. It is a joy to be able to bend over and get a plate out of my kitchen cupboard and not get a sharp pain in my lower back.
Keywords: Back PainRhus ToxSacroiliac Nerve