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Condition: Family health
Cathy Chapman
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I first became interested in homeopathy when a local practitioner came to speak to the students on the massage course I was attending. At the time I had a sprained ankle and the homeopath gave me a little white pill for it. Although I was interested in complementary therapies, I was also cynical but was very surprised to suddenly realise a few hours later that my ankle was no longer hurting. My Mum was later diagnosed with ME and had to leave work. The same homeopath helped her to overcome this life limiting illness. I have been a convert since then.
My homeopath has treated both my young children since they were tiny. They have had about 6 years of visits, about once a month. From birth they both had problems with eczema and allergies and my daughter had respiratory issues as a baby and toddler. After such a long period of treatment, these conditions have pretty much disappeared. As a mother I gave felt so empowered having the ongoing support of homeopathy. It has helped my children through the many challenges of growing up and enabled them to grow into happy, healthy children who never need to go to the doctor or take conventional medicine. If they are ever unwell these days, the first thing they do is ask me to phone Hazel, our wonderful homeopath.
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