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Condition: Multiple Sclerosis
Jo Collins
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
Did an evening course years ago (had no idea what homeopathy was, I was just working my way though the courses and it was next on the list after guitar!). So when I got diagnosed out of the blue with MS, and after having a baby, I decided not to take any of the advised medication and looked for alternative healing option. I wanted to try homeopathy, but also some other things, there were so many options it was mind blowing - so I thought I would try a Natropath who was also a homeopath as I know they have a range of complimentary therapies they use. I found one who I felt a connection with (before ever meeting her or talking to her) and my healing journey began. She used a Vega machine to test me for allergies, and it showed I shouldn't eat dairy, soya and oats. This will be different for everyone but she said in her experience almost everyone with MS should stay away from dairy. She also gave me different homeopathic remedies every 3 months, did cranial/healing on me and after a few years when my MS symptoms were gradually improving I went on a meditation retreat with her where the MS went for good.
I don't have MS, asthma or Raynauds Disease anymore which homeopathy played a big part.
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