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Mrs. Khan
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I have read that homeopathic is not cure only to the disease. Its concentrate on complete body and patient's attitude. It's time taking but permanent recovery for the patient.
My mother had piles she recovered by homeopathy.
Keywords: PlateletsIdiopathic Thrombocytopenic PurpuraLow PlateletsHaemorrhoidsPiles  

Condition: there r many reasons why i always go for homeopath.
tanusree roy
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
since i was a kid my father used to take me to homeopath doctors if i get sick & my dad is aware about various homeopath medicines. so im very much aware of this treatment since my childhood.when i grow up i seldom went to alopath doctors for remedy. i always use homeopathy for every type of problem because they really worked for me. before 6 years i got attacked by piles in a bad way while working at my office & it was not my hometown. it was very bad and bleeding & painful. i went to a good homeopathy doctor & her medicine really worked for me.
i have seen many people who get recovered by homeopathy.
Keywords: PilesHaemorrhoidsNux VomicaNux Vom