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Condition: Through life :-)
Loriana Pauli
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
When studying Botany almost 50 years ago (now 71) I became interested in the healing power of plants. Later I read Dr. Vogel's book Nature Doctor (in German Der Kleine Doktor), which convinced me.
Since 1975 I have used for my family with 2 children a small apothecary with 12 remedies (Aconitum D12, Apis D6, Arnica D6, Belladonna D6, Berberis D6, Carbo Veg. D6, Chamomilla D12, Lachesis D12, Magnesium phosphoricum D12, Equisetum D6, Sulfur D6, Veratrum D12), plus Echinacea and Molkosan (latter as desinfectant). That's it! In all these years I had only twice the need of antibiotics: once when getting Lime desease (Tick bite) and once with a tooth infection. No FLU injections, no other remedies.
Keywords: AconitumArnicaChamomillaVeratrumEquisetumPhosphoricum  

Condition: Initially for sinusitis during pregnancy
Andjelka Grubisic
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I was invited by a friend to attend a talk by a newly qualified local homeopath. Some months later, while pregnant and suffering with sinusitis, the same friend suggested I see the homeopath as I didn't want to take antibiotics. I was converted after my first treatment and have been using homeopathy for myself and my family for over 20 years.
Where to begin?! It helped me recover quickly from a Ceasarean section. It cleared up an attack of shingles within an few days. My son's measles were done and dusted in less than a week. It has regulated my periods after decades of irregularity thanks to epilepsy medication, and later the contraceptive pill. The most amazing result however was the incredible transformation in my son who was a special needs child with autistic traits and allergies. His development came on in leaps and bounds, his allergies are minimal, he makes friends with ease and is a capable student. Thanks to our homeopath.
Keywords: SinusitisChildbirthPostbirthIrregular PeriodsAllergiesPhosphoricumPregnancy  

Condition: vertigo
donna wilbor
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I was introduced to Homeopathy 18 years ago whilst pregnant with my daughter & dreading the elected C-section.
most recently I was diagnosed with Vertigo & given no help by 3 GPs. I researched & spoke to my homeopath & she recommended Phos30c. This was also the remedy that reoccurred in my research. I ordered this and within 48 hours I was experiencing the "wobbles" only 4-5 times a day. The nausea was also decreasing. I am now on day 4 of the remedy & so far today I have not experienced 1 "wobble". The light headiness has also disappeared. The GP told me on 7/4/15 I could expect it to last approx. 8 weeks! today is 17/4/15 & symptoms have almost disappeared.
Keywords: VertigoNauseaPhosphoricum  

Condition: Rheumatoid arthritis
Ammarah Qamar
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I became interested in it when my father treated my typhoid with homeopathic remedy
Homeopathy has almost cured me from Rheumatoid arthritis
Keywords: ArthritisPhosphoricum  

Condition: Daughter's anxiety and fear
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I came to homeopathy as a more gentle way to care for my child in infancy and it has been so useful, I wouldn't do without it.
Homeopathy has helped on numerous occasions, but today, my child was upset at bedtime, fearful of going to school the next day due to an incident that had happened there today. It was getting late and she was still anxious and unable to sleep, so I reached for her constitutional remedy Phosphorus. Within minutes of taking it, she was relaxed, smiling and yawning, soon after, she was fast asleep.
Keywords: AnxietyFearPhosphoricum  

Condition: Alopecia
Ayo Malou Lysgaard Olsen
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
When I was 25 I lost nearly all my hair.I lost 10 kg, had chronic diarrhea and gradually I went into a huge depression.I tried EVERYTHING before homeopathy.At 27 I saw a classical homeopath. One single pill, cured that state and I felt better than ever. I was so curious and inspired, that I had to leearn everything about homeopathy. Now I am a homeopath my self, homeopathy has completely changed my understanding of the world.That is without doubt, the best thing that ever happended to me. :-)
I have now three children, aged 11 years, 9 years and 5 years. My oldest son was diagnosed autistic, from a very young age.He was banging his head against the wall until he was blue and bleeding, he was not eating, he was screaming every day and night for hours, it took us up yo one hour just to put on his socks in the morning because his feet was too sensitive, He had to wear special socks. It took the homeopath a while to find the right remedy, but from the day he got phos. everything changed.He stopped banging his head against the wall overnight and he started eating. Today he ia a healthy happy creative boy, and his autistic behavior is history. We have managed so far without any antibiotics or prescribtioned drugs and use homeopathy as primary care.:-)
Keywords: AllopeciaCalc PhosPhosphoricumAutismDepressionWeight LossDiarrhea