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Condition: Acute paralysis of face
Deirdre Mac Gowan Lindfors
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
15 years ago I was very ill. Met a homeopath who said she could help me feel better than I did then. So, I gave homeopathy a chance and within a year had a new life. I then trained as a homeopath so I could help others.
The latest and most important case was my own husband who rang me on from the underground on his way to work one morning in november. He said his face was beginning to feel very numb, particularly the left side. The numbness began around the mouth and throat. I told him to get to an emergency centre or take an ambulance to the hospital. Instead, he went into work where he then walked to an emergency centre. After the initial call and shock, when I could think. I rang him and asked him if he had any Arnica on him, which he did! I told him to take it every 10 minutes until we met at the hospital. By the time I got to the hospital, intensive care, 5 hours later. He was in good form and the paralysis had receded completely to a small area inside his throat on the left side. He was put on intravenous medicines, only after 5 hours! So for me and for him, it is obvious that Arnica saved the day!
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