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Condition: Anger, premenstrual tension and pain, depression and grief
Villy Tichkova
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I had been in and out of the doctors for years and nothing was helping me till one day my friend told me about a homeopath she knew and has helped her.
I used to be so angry and argumentative before my periods, during and after at times. I always criticised my friends or a boyfriend if there was someone brave enough to stick around. Each month there was someone to annoy me and be in my black books.
when i first took Nux Vomica it was the first time in my life when my period came and I wasnt even aware it was coming. I was so used to have terrible moods for at least a week prior to them that I never looked at the calendar, but after nux that was never the case, life without PMT is such a joy!
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