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Condition: Organophosphorus poisoning
Richard Bruce
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
My GP was misled about the cause of my illness by toxicologists who recommended contraindicated medicines. As a result I was treated wrongly with harmful medicines for two years until we found a complementary practitioner who had attended medical school with my GP and was brave enough to diagnose and treat OP poisoning. I sincerely believe that he saved my life. I believe that chemical company place men within the Department of Health are hiding the dangers of these chemicals and medicines and falsely harming the reputation of complementary and homeopathic treatments.
A combination of treatments using homeopathy, acupuncture and dietary supplements of essential enzymes, proteins etc. brought my condition under control and slowed the inevitable deterioration, frequently made worse by further environmental exposures. For years I was able to stop using inhalers except when re-exposed. Then the local hospital decided to stop the funding after 24 years claiming falsely that there was no beneficial effect. I am now back on regular inhalers which do not work properly and my health is deteriorating fast.
Keywords: Organophosphorus Poisoning