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Condition: Chronic sciatica
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I had tried so many therapies for my sciatica including physio, alexander technique, acupuncture, polarity therapy etc and a friend who was training as a homeopath finally pursuaded me to try it against my 'better judgement!ยด
The homeopath ascertained that my sciatica had begun around the anniversary of my mother's sudden death , then faded but came back at the same time each year. I hadn't made the connection but she did. One dose of Nat Mur and the next day I was completely pain free after five summers flat on my back in agony. Not only that but I felt alive, vibrant and full of energy. Within a month I had applied to train as a homeopath, and have now been practising for 20 years.
Keywords: SciaticaNatrum Mur