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Condition: Sinusitis
Patricia O'Keefe
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I was amazed at the result of the first prescription for Sinusitis. I did not know anything about homeopathy, but went because I did not want to take antihistamines all of my life, or any other drug for that matter.
I have used homeopathy extensively now for over 20 years, and have studied the subject at college. Homeopathy has helped my children as they grew up and my husband as well. It has meant we have been very healthy as a family and so not have to take drugs of any kind from the Doctor. My daughter had something like Glandular Fever, but the Doctors couldn't really help with this. After the correct homeopathic prescription she was full of energy almost immediately.
Keywords: SinusitisArsenicumNatrum CarbGlandular Fever