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Condition: Sciatica, Muscular tension
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
Originally, curiousity. After my very interesting, positive response to the first remedy, one year later I sought my homeopath's help for the painful sciatica I developed during my second pregnancy.

A friend recommended I make an appointment with a homeopath she had heard about. The results of my treatment with her were so astonishing, I went on to study homeopathy, and am now a homeopath.
My sciatica disappeared with one dose of the prescribed remedy, and I have witnessed countless positive effects in many cases over the last 21 years.

Recently, I prescribed a remedy for my mother (age 80), who was suffering with an extremely painful muscular tension which remained undiagnosed over a period of 12 months despite multiple tests of all sorts. By the end of that period, she had become incredibly despondent.....a highly uncharacteristic state for my mother to be in (she is a powerhouse, still). A few doses of the remedy and the pain and restriction vanished. Late last year (2 years on) she developed such a tight shoulder, that she was holding it up near her ear, and unable to turn her neck: she had to rotate her whole body to look sideways. She lived with this for 3 months. She looked like an injured bird. One dose of the same remedy I'd given her before, and the whole thing got better.
Keywords: SciaticaMuscular Tension