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Condition: I had constitutional homeopathy treatment for several years and now use it mainly for acutes.
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I learnt about it through an acquaintance who used it, then started studying it and trying it myself. I had always been very interested in medicine and health.
I had constitutional treatment over several years which transformed me both on a physical and also I would say spiritual level. I have also used it for many years for acute conditions. One of my most memorable experiences was when I had quite a bad ear infection which I had had for several weeks and which just wouldn't seem to clear up. I had actually told my homeopath over the phone but the remedy she prescribed didn't work. I finally asked my G.P. for a description of the discharge which was the one bit of information I hadn't given my homeopath. On finding out it was greenish, my homeopath immediately told me to take Mercurius over a few days. I was actually in the waiting room in hospital to see a consultant a few days after starting to take the Mercurius (by now believing that nothing would work), when suddenly it cleared and I could hear again! This particular remedy, Mercurius, has also helped me with another acute condition which I am rather susceptible to, i.e. inflammation of the nerves of my teeth. Another acute remedy I occasionally take is Silica which helps to dislodge my over-abundant ear wax and prevents me from having to have my ears syringed.
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