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Condition: Mastitis (Cow)

Oliver Dowding
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
About eight different remedies to the different types of mastitis, which brings success. After making a commitment to convert the farm to organic methods it was clear that we need to to find another way to deal with disease than reliance upon conventional drugs. Followed an excellent manual called the herdsman's guide to homoeopathy, bought a small number of remedies, the herdsman deployed them on the evidence of those early successes was emboldening and clearly showed the potential that homoeopathy offered us. None of us ever looked back.
The benefit was enormous on the huge range of diseases that we encountered on the farm. Besides mastitis we dealt with many other problems, including ringworm, assisting with easier calving for the cattle, fertility issues, foot problems, eye disease, a whole range of things that calves and younger animals suffer with etc etc.
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Condition: Mastitis, but so much more since.....
Siobhan Melia Lic ISH IS HOM
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
Over 20 years ago a nurse in the hospital I worked in told me about the course she was starting in homeopathy, I was intrigued and subsequently while recovering from back surgery I saw a morning course in homeopathy was running locally. I started to dabble a little and while breastfeeding my first child I got mastitis and went to a homeopath for a consult for the first time. She gave me a remedy called Bryonia and within 30 minutes the agonising pain and swelling disappeared. That was my "eureka" moment! Lots of other treatments followed, including successful treatment of horrendous morning sickness and other breastfeeding issues and I decided that I wanted to train as a homeopath. This I did in the Irish School of Homeopathy and I graduated in 2012.
I have many stories but this is my most recent

As a homeopath I always take pleasure in seeing and experiencing how well and quickly homeopathy can work, but some examples, especially when they're with people close to my heart, give me even more pleasure.

My eldest teenage boy has the lead in the school musical production of "The King and I" and was seriously struggling with nerves. He mostly turns his nose up at remedies "cos they don't work and it's too much hassle to take them" (though I regularly find him taking a phosphorous when he needs one and caldendula is always on his locker) He asked me could I give him something for the nerves pre the show for the school. I sent him off with the trusty mix of Arg nit and Gelsemium. He came back and told me that "your hippy shit worked" as soon as he took the remedies he calmed down. He took them each time he came off stage and, for the second school show the same. Instant result. Last night was opening night for the public and he felt great about it, though the nerves were still there, he needed 3 or 4 doses of the remedies pre show and went out on that stage and made me an even prouder Mammy.

Another little victory for homeopathy :D
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Condition: Mastitis
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
After the birth of my child I suffered recurrent mastitis. After several courses of antibiotics I turned to homeopathy at the suggestion of another health professional. It was a revelation!
I have used homeopathy since that first consultation - I took a single remedy and the problem resolved and never recurred. I was then able to get on with nurturing and enjoying my baby's first months. My whole family now uses homeopathy, alongside conventional medicine when necessary, and it has been transformative in how I view my own health and wellbeing.
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Condition: Everything
Radha Raghubeer
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
My family was first introduced to homeopathy when looking for an alternative to antibiotics for mastitis when breast feeding.
When I had difficulty breast feeding I did not want to take antibiotics. I went to see a homeopath, Grace Da Silva Hill, who told me to put the baby back on to feed. I did this, and whilst it was a little painful initially, the infection cleared up and I was able to continue feeding until I decided to stop. This simple remedy impressed me so much that my baby, now 12 years old, has only ever had homeopathic remedies which have always helped. Both my husband and I also always use homeopathy.
Keywords: MastitisBreastfeedingAntibiotics