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Condition: facial neuritis (3 nerve branches inflamation)
Mendigul Gabdilova
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
i was suffering with facial neuritis very much and I could not get a proper treatment in my country (Kazakhstan) and i had to go to Russia where i got X-ray therapy and it helped me after first session. Then after 6-7 months i had remissions and i addresses this problem to a Homeopathy doctor in Russia and she advised me Magn.carb.30c. After sometime i have immigrated to the UK and here i became pregnant and recently i got very severe pain in 2nd branch and i ordered Magn.carb.30c on this website. delivery was so fast, thank you for being with us and for fast response on the orders.
it works very fast and without visiting GP
Keywords: NeuritisMag CarbPain