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Condition: Kidney problem, Bladder problem, Urination problem
rosanna catinella
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.

I turned to classical homeopathy because for five years I suffered from hemorrhagic cististe, really i don't remember what was the medical diagnosis maybe it was hematuria .. with a monthly frequency and sometimes more than ones a month I had severe burning on urination, urinated blood, I had heaviness in the lower abdomen, severe fatigue and weakness, my GP always prescribed antibiotics and ciprofloxacin or something like that but time by time antiobiotics didin't work anymore or had a limited effect, I made analysis of the urine of all types also did an ultrasound kidney and then my doctor told me to do further research and possibly a surgery ... I decided to go by the homeopath which I considered as a "last resort"

I was struck by the experience recounted by a woman who I considered (and I think) serious, intelligent and pragmatic than his recovery from a fibroid uterus with homeopathy unicast.
My life has greatly improved, while I recovered completely within a year from the disturbance to the bladder and kidneys and then use for everything, I and my family (husband and three children)have not taken anymore traditional medication.
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Condition: psoriasis
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I used it before to help clear a recurring kidney infection.
Cleared my kidney infection within 6 weeks - hasn't returned. Psoriasis has cleared by 85-90% and remainder looking more faded. I'm also feeling less tired and depressed.
Keywords: PsorinumPsoriasisKidneyInfectionDepression