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Condition: insomnia
Vaishali Wakharikar
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I worked as an assistant to the homeopath, to support family income. I had problem of insomnia, spondilitis, ganglion on both wrists, irregular bowels, phobias of many kinds. all these are PSYCHOSOMATIC disorders.
I was a shy, timid girl lacking confidence.
It was destined that i begin taking consultation from the Dr. for whom I worked.

I experienced a 360 degree change in my over-all personality. It was like metamorphosis, a miracle.I have experienced the super-fastest effect of these medicines. I have recommended Homeopathy to all those who are most important to me. In fact my homeopath is next to god for me, i would rather die than consult any other Dr.
Once, i remember, after a bad quarrel with my dad, my eyes became swollen like berries. Unfortunately, my Dr. had left for other town on the same day. I contacted him, took his address and went to meet him at the clinic he was visiting as an expert.
No other form of medicine for me and my son, ever.
Keywords: InsomniaPsycosomaticPhobiasIrregular BowelsSpondilitisGanglion