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Condition: Primary immune disorder - IgA deficiency
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
Our daughter was diagnosed at 16 months old after being unwell most of her short life. She was started on prophylactic antibodiesand we were told she had to remain on them for at least 5 years. After 6 months of this and realizing actually it wasn't making her symptoms any better we decided we wanted to try a more natural way to help her. We wanted to strengthen her immune system rather than synthetically suppress the normal process of exposure to bacteria.
So we stopped the antibiotics and saw a very good homeopath in London who prescribed a very bespoke programme for our daughter.
I would start by saying if I am honest I really didn't expect the homeopathy to work. I was new to the idea of using homeopathy,I desperately wanted it to but I just couldn't believe it would. We started just before Xmas and within 10-14days she just almost suddenly became completely symptom free. Not only 100% symptom free but more energy, happier and more confident too. I think it's the first time she had experienced just not feeling poorly on a daily basis..
We saw one of her consultants recently and he was quite displeased to say the least that we had stopped the antibiotics and was dismissive of the homeopathy. He sent her for a chest x-ray and said he was concerned it would be worse. However the x-ray showed an improvement in her lungs. To his credit, he acknowledged what we were doing was working and he asked that I email his secretary what it was we were doing. He went on to say that although it would not be his choice of treatment he had seen a few cases of children who had exceeded medical expectation on alternative therapy. It's been almost a month now and she remains symptom free.
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