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Condition: Migraines
Emma Colley
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
After seeing our horses' amazing recovery from her incurable eye disease and having suffered from migraines since during primary school it seemed only right I try something. Conventional options are limited for headaches and migraine and after having some time as a 17 year old on Beta blockers as the best conventional option, it was time to try something different.
Remedies made a big difference and I'm so very grateful to say that I rarely get headaches even let alone the migraines that used to mean I'd be sick, have to sleep and stay in a dark room (usually crying with the pain)!
Homeopathy is my first port of call for any ailment as I know how fast acting, beautifully subtle and healing it can be.
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Condition: Psorinum (horse)
Deborah Collins, MD
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I am a homeopathic doctor and became interested long before studying medicine, in the search for a healing art that truly heals rather than covering symptoms.
Short description of an animal case, as an illustration of how homeopathy can help even those who do not "believe" in it.
A horse in a nearby paddock was obviously suffering: she had a terrible cough that made her look like she would die at any moment, and she was very thin and wasted. She was reluctant to make contact, even though her two daughters, who shared the same paddock, loved to be patted. Her owners said that they had rescued her from a farmer who had treated her so badly that he was fined for abuse. It would seem that she had been starved and beaten, and generally suffered from neglect. On looking at her, one saw a very sad looking creature, with a ribs poking out from under her smelly, matted coat. She had stopped eating, and it look as though she simply wanted to die. Apparently she was very chilly, always seeking the sunniest spots. Taking all this into consideration, I gave her Psorinum 200C once per week for several weeks, and watched the transformation take place. She stopped coughing, and regained her appetite, making up for lost time. She put on weight, her coat began to shine and her eyes began to sparkle. To the surprise of her owners, she took to running up to the fence whenever I walked past, 'asking' to be patted. Although Psorinum is known to be a "hungry" remedy, in this case she had gone beyond the hunger to a state of total apathy, and the remedy seemed to help her to heal at a very deep level.
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Condition: Incurable, recurrent eye disease (in my horse)
Emma Colley
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
Conventional options being limited, we researched alternatives and sought guidance from a homeopathic vet locally.
For the next 15 years there were no recurring attacks. Our horse did struggle with conventional medication for cushings disease later and a rapid swap to homeopathic treatment saved her once again.
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Condition: Eye discharge in my dog
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
Holistic vet to try and not use surgery
My dogs eye was oozing and it had a corneal ulcer. The vet I usually see suggested surgery but I sought a second opinion from a Holistic vet. The drops worked pretty much straight away and he hasn't needed surgery. I also have a cousin who used the same homeopthic drops for her horse with a ulcer and her vet suggested surgery and quoted over $10,000. But these drops worked aswell
Keywords: Corneal UlcerMucosaVeterinarianAnimalDogHorse