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Condition: Chronic Hives
Claudia Regojo
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
My daughters pediatrician recommended the homeopath on staff there after I told her I was frustrated that my doctors said there was nothing they could do to help me.
I had hives on a daily basis for 9 months. I tried allergy medication, taking out dairy and glutten, supplements, etc. I had nowhere else to turn when homeopathy was recommended. One month later I was feeling great. Hives gone, anxiety gone, anger gone. It was the second remedy I was given. The first was placebo (I didn't know) and it didn't work. The second worked right away. It has been more than two years. I am now pursuing a degree in homeopathy and my family is now treated predominantly with homeopathy.
Keywords: HivesAllergiesAnxietyAngerCarcinosin