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Condition: Esophagitis, Hiatus hernia
Veronica James
How you found homeopathy.
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Dont like the side effects that conventional medicine opinion of conventional medicine is it is given to cure one problem and then brings on others I had been very ill for three years with tightening of the throat and neck...i put it down to allergies but my doctors, dont recognise this...i was treated for acid reflux, which i did not have, i was given PPIs, even after taking one i became quite ill i developed severe palpitationsd and dizziness, GP found that my blood pressure became quite low....I have felt much better through taking the homeopathic remedies that i was prescribed by Petra Wood my homeopath,
I am much more back to my normal self enjoying life once again and able to plan ahead which i was unable to do for three year, after a recent endoscope once again it is discovered that the esophagitis no longer exists and the hiatus hernia is practically non existent which is good news for me, i can honestly say i am starting to enjoy life once again....
Keywords: EsophagitisHiatus Hernia