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Condition: Chronic insomnia
Christine Jahnig
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I recognized that conventional medicine did not have an effective and non-addictive treatment that helped me and also realized that it was not addressing the root cause of my sleeplessness. When a homeopath opened a practice in my area I immediately made an appointment for a consultation.
Through homeopathic treatment I am able to fall sleep easily and wake up refreshed. Prior to that treatment it was extremely difficult for me to fall asleep, and on a couple of occasions I went for as long as a week without sleeping.

I and my family use homeopathy and have had great benefits from it for a variety of other health conditions like warts, bronchitis and injuries to nerves and skin.
Keywords: InsomniaSulphurWartsBronchitisHeart Condition  

Condition: atrial fibrillation
Dana Green
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
arnica and injury 200 for the accidents in life for myself and my animals
homotoxicology (mainly aurumheel and cralonin) along with constitutional remedy (in my case cocainum) has stabilised heartrate after surgery (ablation and cardioversion)
Keywords: ArnicaArnica MontanaHeart Condition