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Condition: Ear ache, Autism
Kim Quance
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
Repeated ear infections as an adult (continuing from childhood). Homeopathy was the ONLY treatment that finally cleared up my ear infections for good. I did a homeopathic first aid class as research for my midwifery dissertation "Homeopathy for Pregnancy and Childbirth".
Homeopathy has benefited me and my family, including my autistic son, enormously. I would need a book to describe all the amazing ways it has helped us. It is our first port of call for almost any condition. I used it during pregnancy, during labour, after my son's vaccinations, for all his childhood fevers and infections. I have used it for everything from minor burns and stings, the emotional upset of bereavement, to the menopause.
Keywords: AutismFeverInfectionPregnancyEar Infection  

Condition: Pregnancy, Headaches, Cyst, Fever, Depression, Anxiety, IBS, Itchy rash, Insomnia, Ear ache, Teething, Boils
Katy Harris
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
Originally I went about 9 years ago whilst pregnant. I had morning sickness and was suffering from pain due to braces on my teeth. Morning sickness was sorted in the first week of treatment.. other issues slowly unfolded as a journey of physical and emotional healing began, my mum suggested I go see a homeopath.
Brief description, difficult since the benefits have been so many!

It has helped with:

Morning sickness
Birth trauma (mine) after birth of first child
Poor sleep for first child
Cyst on son's eye at 3 years old
Fever/illness - both kids-numerous occassions
Emotional issues - whole family
Relationship issues - whole family
Depression and anxiety (my own)
Irritable bowel syndrome
Daughter - itchy rash
Insomnia - mine
Earache & Teething - both kids
Post - vaccination effects - daughter
Other skin issues - boils, strange rashes etc..
Tooth extraction and other dentist work
Healing after operations

Keywords: Morning SicknessPostbirthHeadachesCystFeverDepressionAnxietyIBSItchy RashInsomniaEar AcheTeethingBoils  

Condition: Post natal depression
Wendy Jackson
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
After having post natal depression and not wanting to take conventional medicine, I went to see a homeopath
It helped me with post natal depression and my baby daughter through teething and fevers.
Keywords: DepressionFeverPost Natal DepressionTeethingPostnatal DepressionAurum Metallicum  

Condition: Septic fever in my 3 year old son due to tooth abcess
Andrea Wakelin
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I have used homeopathy a lot over the years and choose to use it for my family
In the case above - after a couple of doses of the remedy he started to respond and his fever changed to a very productive one. We were ready to take him to A&E but didn't need to in the end!
Keywords: FeverPyrogen  

Condition: Self prescribed
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
My stepmother trained to work in Steiner schools introduced us to homoepathy 40 years ago
Took Silicea for a month and it cleared up my long standing eczema.
Son had swine flu, used gelsemium, also had nephritis with it, used aresenicum, also had head pain, high temperature used belladonna. All three got him well again from being completely immobilised in bed to back to work, in ten days.
Husband sprains shoulder badly, uses arnica and ruta grav. Back to work in two days, was expecting to be immobile for a couple of weeks, shoulder was almost paralysed with pain, unable to lift his arm at all.
Keywords: SilicaGelsemiumFluNephritisArsen AlbArsenicumFeverBelladonnaSprainArnicaArnica MontanaRutaRuta GraveolensPainPain Relief  

Condition: As I am a homeopath I would go if for some reason I needed a constitutional prescription.
Kate Stockford
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I was a first time mum and wanted to have more self reliance in terms of treating my child naturally. A family friend was on call. My little one got a high fever, was very weepy and clingy and my friend said to give her Pulsatilla. Her temperature started dropping immediately. I was hooked! :) I retrained and became a homeopath.
I rarely get sick and if I do, my remedies nip it in the bud. I have treated many people constitutionally acutely and constitutionally, it changed their lives overnight. I had one client/friend who was afraid of people, crowds, talking to people she didn't know and after a one off dose of the remedy she has been a new woman and hasn't looked back. I have so many more stories.
Keywords: FeverPulsatillaCalcarea Carbonica