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Condition: Duodenal ulcer, Gut pain
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I attended The Nature Cure Clinic in London in the late 80's out of sheer desperation. I was treated by Dr Richard Robinson for duodenal ulcers, I suffered constant gut pain, unable to eat properly and became deeply stressed. My whole life was affected.
When I had my child, I had to do something to change the way I looked at my whole life and not just my gut pain. Homeopathy was my way forward.
I was prescribed a single dose of causticum, three powders split over one and half day, within 48 hrs pain subsided, relaxed in body and mind and completely pain free by next three week appointment.
I had need of one further dose some years later.
A different grinding gut pain in my early 40's was treated with a single dose of Thuja 200c.
Keywords: Duodenal UlcersGut PainCausticumThuja