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Condition: Mastitis (Cow)

Oliver Dowding
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
About eight different remedies to the different types of mastitis, which brings success. After making a commitment to convert the farm to organic methods it was clear that we need to to find another way to deal with disease than reliance upon conventional drugs. Followed an excellent manual called the herdsman's guide to homoeopathy, bought a small number of remedies, the herdsman deployed them on the evidence of those early successes was emboldening and clearly showed the potential that homoeopathy offered us. None of us ever looked back.
The benefit was enormous on the huge range of diseases that we encountered on the farm. Besides mastitis we dealt with many other problems, including ringworm, assisting with easier calving for the cattle, fertility issues, foot problems, eye disease, a whole range of things that calves and younger animals suffer with etc etc.
Keywords: SulphurSilicaCaulophylumMastitisCow Fertility