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Condition: persistent cough
Penelope Vingoe
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
through a friend who is training to be a homeopath
The cough has persisted all my life - wracking my body. After a consultation, a remedy, and a few days coughing I have never coughed since.
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Condition: Cough
Line Tandberg Braathen
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
Almost 20 years ago I went to a homeopath for the first time. My, at the time, boyfriend had had an affair and I got a severe cough. I went to see doctors 3 times, no one could help me. They thought it was wopping cough, but all test came out negative. In the mean time I got worse and worse, and I just KNEW it was because of the infidelity and my own sorrow. After tree weeks of coughing day and nigh, I finally saw a homeopath. I met a woman who was like I had never know before: she had no prejudices to what ever I told. For the first time in my life (I was 26 years) I met someone who really listen to me. She prescribed Nat Mur D200, and I sleep the whole night for the first time in tree weeks. The treatment went on for two weeks, and all the cough was gone and a new life was unfolding for me. It took me another year to tell her the real reason I came, the infidelity, which in it self is a story only to be told by NatMur. :)
I would go as far to say that homeopathy has saved my life. Maybe not the physical life, but my soul and spirit. Like so many others I was on the "package" of this western world life, with medical drugs and striving for money and acknowledgment from society. I have been a homeopath-patient for 20 years now, and I see how my life really started to unfold it self after my first dose of homeopathic medicine. It's no coincidence. It's my truth. I thank homeopathy for the chance it gave me to see my self and my own life path. (I'm now educated as both a homeopath and a Waldorf-Steiner teacher.)
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Condition: elevated thyroid #s due to menopause
Sarah Caldwell
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
i was given Ferrum Phos over 24 years ago, for a nagging cough keeping me awake at night, and had instant success! Three children, three books ( I literally wore out 2 books on homeopathy at home... all those late night coughs, and injuries, tummy upsets and ear aches!)
I have used it for over 24 years to great benefit for my children and myself. For all the usual symptoms. For the most current situation regarding my thyroid #s the good news is that I have normalized, and am now stable! I believe that my dietary and lifestyle choices have also contributed to my overall health and well being. My Homeopathic Dr tried several constitutionals over a period of about 2 years. The last one was tuberculinum due to the fact that my maternal grandfather had TB (in England). Amazing connection.... anyway, the thyroid goes through adjustments in menopause, and will actually normalize have a time.
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Condition: Croup
Anna Antoniou
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
When I was misdiagnosed with a fungal infection by a GP but I decided to go to a homeopath instead. She diagnosed a hormone imbalance causing perineal eczema and gave me Silica 30.
My daughter had a cough for a few days and at nights it became an awful barking sound around midnight. It would wake her and keep her up coughing. After three sleepless nights I took her to our homeopath who gave her Spongia 30C. She had one and then another that afternoon. That night there was no coughing. I was amazed.
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Condition: chronic cold
Anders Cederberg
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
it presented itself to me through family and friends-circle, though I myself had really no insight
one of my first experiences was about the cold and cough I always had.I placed a call to a friend in Holland , and the phone was picked up by an old mate from 20 years earlier who inquired about my cold when he heard me speak. Then he proceeded to ask me 3 questions; what side of the throat the pain was, what food I liked and if I had a certain time in the day when I wanted to rest for a while. That was Vaikunthanath Das Kaviraj and he went on to say that the cold would disappear and never come back , and that I needed 1 pill once... I took a 2x strength repeat 10 months later but am coldfree!
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Condition: Fever cough nasal flow
Bharat bhushan
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
My daughter jasmine suffered since 2000 . Dr treated her with antiboitic for three year. At the end dr said he can not do any thing more. Then i studied homeopathy and treat her with kali muri 6x, ferrum phos 12x, calcarea florica 6x. With in 2 months she was fine .
Homeopathy cures without side effects.
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