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Condition: Myself Chronic Renal Failure Having S. Creatinine 2.9
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I was under Medical treatment of SGPGI .Lucknow for 2 yrs.with regular checking of BP, Body-weight and KFT quarterly basis but no improvement of S.Creatinine and take care of diet management,then I decided to go through Homoeopathy treatment under guidance of renowned Dr. P.Banerjee of Kolkata since 2010.
I have been benefited by homoeopathy treatment being CKD patient with declination of S.Creatinine 2.9 to 1.9..and feel myself healthy physically and mentally gaining body weight about 3 kg in respect of my KFT report of dated 14.11,2014
Keywords: LycopodiumCantharisUrtica UrensChronic Renal FailureEel Serum