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Condition: Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
My mother took us to Homeopaths when we were young, initially to help my sister who had asthma.
I had chronic fatigue syndrome and initially tried the allopathic route only to end up feeling more ill, so I decided to try Homeopathy again which is the only thing that brought me back into balance and made me well. I have also had many bouts of tonsillitis and sore throats through the years and Homeopathy helps enormously with this. I have only used Homeopathy with my daughter and we've come through tonsillitis, sore throats, whooping coughs, bronchitis and scarlet fever with the help of a very supportive Homeopath. It still amazes me when taking the best suited remedy how well and it works and how much better I feel emotionally, physically and mentally, less stuck and more able to flow with life again. I don't know where I would be without Homeopathy. I'm very grateful for the people who've spent their lives dedicated to bringing this gift to us.
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Condition: Chronic Fatigue
Cathleen J. Springer, C.Hom.
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I had zero knowledge about homeopathy until I was so ill with Chronic Fatigue that I was going from M.D. to M.D. After four years of trying everything that western medicine had to offer, it was the last in a series of medical doctors I was seeing who, after trying everything in her awareness to help me, recommended homeopathy. She suggested I give it a try as "it helps many people".
This good doctor recommended a homeopath to me whom I visited shortly after the initial recommendation. After taking an extensive case history, I was given a "serving" of a number of tiny white pellets and told to place them under my tongue, then sit in the waiting room for about 15 minutes; she would check back with me. It took only a few minutes for me to feel the stirring of energies in my body. I felt my vitality returning, which was astounding to me as I had come in that day feeling as though I were at death's door. After this initial dose of remedy, my body went into the search for its homeostasis - good days and bad days, but ultimately healing and better days over time. It took about a year to feel really well (and a couple more remedies thereafter until we hit upon my constitutional which is effective yet today 23 years later).
Keywords: Chronic Fatigue SyndromeTuberculinumBelladonna  

Condition: CFS (ME) Chronic fatigue
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I became interested in homeopathy after an old friend who was studying it suggested I try a remedy for my 2 yrs old daughter. It worked absolute miracles for her earache. The speed she recovered was amazing (from having been really unwell, with a high fever and in a lot of pain for 2 days to completely better in 2 hours).

After that we used homeopathy for all our two daughter's illnesses. We never needed another antibiotic again!
I had been suffering from CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome aka ME) for over 10 years. It not only made me feel crushingly exhausted and unwell but also made me feel extremely nervous and jumpy. Many days it was all I could do to walk. It had started after a combination of events: travel vaccinations that made me really unwell, a divorce, and the 'flu.

Having seen the magic homeopathy worked for my daughter's ear aches and other ailments, I went to see a homeopath for myself. It didn't help - despite persevering for quite some time. I decided to change homeopath and persevered with them for a year or so but was not improving. However as I knew homeopathy definitely worked for my daughters, I didn't give up and so tried a different homeopath that I had heard good things about, who gave me a remedy none of the previous ones had even considered.

I had quite a reaction to it, with lots of powerful emotions coming up (I hadn't realised I had even suppressed them) and within a week I was completely better. That's what I had always hoped for and was so glad I persevered and didn't give up. Good job I had seen it work so well for other family members!
Keywords: Aurum MetallicumChronic Fatigue SyndromeMEEar AcheEarache