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Condition: General health, Crohn's disease, Anxiety

How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
13 yrs ago I had been diagnosed with crohn's disease and was facing removal of my colon. I felt extremely uncomfortable with the diagnosis and prognosis, and could not live with the drug regime. Initially I discontinued my meds with no support. I then found a homeopath and after 6 weeks of taking a single remedy, had moved from being very ill and housebound, to recovering and able to function quite normally again.
I was facing life with a crippling diagnosis and no hope of recovery. I believe that my refusal to accept this prognosis was of primary importance in my recovery, and that my homeopath was able to prescribe remedies which resonated with my state of mind. I am able to live and work normally, and because of my experiences, decided to train as a homeopath.
Keywords: ChinaCrohns Disease