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Condition: Difficult Labour
Dr. Anke Zimmermann, ND
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I was introduced to homeopathy in naturopathic college. I almost quit school because I thought homeopathy was hogwash, but after a powerful personal experience with a homeopathic remedy, described here previously, I actually became a professional naturopath and mostly homeopath and have been in practice for 23 years now. I have had many dramatic, personal experiences with the power of homeopathy during this time and of course have seen the same with hundreds if not thousands of patients over the years.
I was giving birth to my first child at home in 1998. At the time I ran a clinic out of the first floor of my house and lived on the second. Things were not going well. I was in severe pain, the contractions were almost constant but I was not dilating properly. I could barely move, hated to be touched or spoken to, yet did not want to be left alone. After some hours of this agony, one of my colleagues came upstairs to visit, took one look at me and gave me a remedy. Within about two minutes everything changed! I suddenly felt strong, the terrible pain subsided, I dilated and gave birth easily!
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Condition: Initially for sinusitis during pregnancy
Andjelka Grubisic
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I was invited by a friend to attend a talk by a newly qualified local homeopath. Some months later, while pregnant and suffering with sinusitis, the same friend suggested I see the homeopath as I didn't want to take antibiotics. I was converted after my first treatment and have been using homeopathy for myself and my family for over 20 years.
Where to begin?! It helped me recover quickly from a Ceasarean section. It cleared up an attack of shingles within an few days. My son's measles were done and dusted in less than a week. It has regulated my periods after decades of irregularity thanks to epilepsy medication, and later the contraceptive pill. The most amazing result however was the incredible transformation in my son who was a special needs child with autistic traits and allergies. His development came on in leaps and bounds, his allergies are minimal, he makes friends with ease and is a capable student. Thanks to our homeopath.
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Condition: suspected osteochondroma
Sophie Knock
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I first used homeopathy for the births of my children and then as they were growing up.
My son had a large lump on his back very near his spine when he was about 3. It grew to be about the size of an egg ~ I went to many specialists including mainstream Drs and read everything I could in an effort to try and find a cure. This was over a period of about 2 years and in the end I read about the remedy Silica and realised that the picture of that remedy fitted my son. So I tried it and it worked ~ no need for the surgery etc.
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