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Condition: Cerebral Palsy
Sara McGinnis
How you found homeopathy.
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My mother is a homeopath
My 2 year old son was diagnosed with one sided cerebral palsy. We were told he wouldn't walk without intervention. One leg had muscle like jelly and was very tight. Doctors talked of Botox in his treatment plan and an operation to lengthen the tendon as he gets older, and had casts made for splints which he would need to wear day and night. The day after they diagnosed him and told me he wouldn't walk without intervention I took him to a homeopath who gave him Baryta-carb. I took him home; he woke from his nap and walked across the room!!!! That was early days still to know if it was a coincidence but after a week his rough skin became smooth, his tempers and frustrations became a lot less frequent and he was a lot less clingy and shy. Now it’s been a good few months and he’s had his remedy repeated a few times. He has splints and has tried them on but he won’t wear them. Despite this and having nothing else but homeopathy he can stand with both heels completely on the ground! His muscle now feels like muscle and his tendons are a lot less tight. I am looking forward to the next meeting with his consultant and physiotherapist. I also feel that by not vaccinating him, it gave his brain a chance of healing rather than dealing with all the toxins. Health professionals say it is impossible. They say you cannot undo the damage of cerebral palsy, yet his foot is all the way down. He still walks on tiptoe and his speech is a little behind but I am excited and very optimistic that he will be symptom free after not too long. I can’t see that he needs splints now, and certainly not botox or an operation. So happy for my little boy.
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