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Condition: Perforated ear drums leading to frequent infections.
Jane Gibson
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I became interested in homeopathy when one of my grandchildren was diagnosed with aspberger and hyperactivity. The use of Homeopathic and Bach remedies made a enormous difference to his behaviour and well being. He is now 22 years old, and is a really fine young man.
I decided to contact a homeopath two years ago because I was suffering from frequent ear infections. Both my eardrums had been perforated from early childhood, due to me contracting measles and pneumonia at the age of 3 years. I made an appointment with a homeopath , who was very sympathetic and caring. This was a life changing experience. The homeopathic remedy she prescribed completely healed the perforations of both ears, hence I have had no recurring ear infections. This has been life changing. My quality of life is so good, good concentration, no more heavy feeling in my head. I am so grateful to Lindsay Allison, my homeopath, who has changed my life.
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Condition: Sinusitis, then hayfever
Grace DaSilva-Hill
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I used homeopathy whilst I worked as a nurse. I had a small baby at the time, and developed severe sinusitis, followed by hayfever in the following summer. It was obvious that my immunity was low. After several courses of antibiotics, which only gave partial relief, and the hayfever became so severe, I decided that I had to do something different. Reading through the NCT Magazine, I read a piece about homeopathy and became interested. After a few months of treatment, the sinusitis cleared completely, never to return, and even more amazing...the year after I did not have any hayfever either.
I have not had any sinusitis or hayfever since 1994 - great feeling, and I do not take any medication at all. I did not change my life style in any way; all I did different was to see a professional homeopath and take homeopathic remedies to build up my immune system. My son was brought up on homeopathy, and hardly ever consulted the GP or took chemical drugs. My husband is a convert, and tells everyone about it. I gave up my Nursing career, and became a registered professional homeopath. Over the past 17 years I have built up my practice mainly through word of mouth.
Keywords: SinusitisHayfeverArsen AlbArsenicumCalc Phos  

Condition: Alopecia
Ayo Malou Lysgaard Olsen
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
When I was 25 I lost nearly all my hair.I lost 10 kg, had chronic diarrhea and gradually I went into a huge depression.I tried EVERYTHING before homeopathy.At 27 I saw a classical homeopath. One single pill, cured that state and I felt better than ever. I was so curious and inspired, that I had to leearn everything about homeopathy. Now I am a homeopath my self, homeopathy has completely changed my understanding of the world.That is without doubt, the best thing that ever happended to me. :-)
I have now three children, aged 11 years, 9 years and 5 years. My oldest son was diagnosed autistic, from a very young age.He was banging his head against the wall until he was blue and bleeding, he was not eating, he was screaming every day and night for hours, it took us up yo one hour just to put on his socks in the morning because his feet was too sensitive, He had to wear special socks. It took the homeopath a while to find the right remedy, but from the day he got phos. everything changed.He stopped banging his head against the wall overnight and he started eating. Today he ia a healthy happy creative boy, and his autistic behavior is history. We have managed so far without any antibiotics or prescribtioned drugs and use homeopathy as primary care.:-)
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