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Condition: Chronic Pressure Urticaria (CPU)
Lynn Smith
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
Chronic Pressure Urticaria (CPU) for 15 years, I had seen several Doctors and finally 2 Consultant Dermatologists with no relief, A colleague is a Homeopath and felt that she could help me.
I was prescribed anti-histamines by the Doctors and Consultants, which I constantly took.The anti-histamines became less effective then was prescribed steroids and after this my last alternative was immunosuppressents. I looked to alternative sources, the Homeopathic remedies given to me have completely relieved me of ALL symptoms. It is only very occasionally that I get the itchy hives/swellings that plagued me before my treatment and when I do get them I just get a top to my treatment.
Keywords: CPUChronic Pressure Urticaria