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Condition: Asthma
Dimple Kirpalani
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
It was the year 1991, I was studying in year 12 and had suffered from Chronic Asthma for over five years by then. I was fifteen and was on oral steroids and salbutamol to control my asthma. In those days puffers were almost unheard of in India. One day after a particularly bad attack while I was waiting for the Aminophyllin to work at a doctors clinic a kind soul struck up a conversation with my mum. She casually spoke of Homoeopathy and asked mum if we had given it a try. Have never thanked the person enough.
Homoeopathy changed my life. I never needed the oral steroids again. Over the years since then I can clearly remember five or six incidences where I suffered from acute asthma but at every instance I have turned to Homoeopathy and it simply passes away. I chose Homoeopathy as my career choice after that. I have a Bachelors degree in Homoeopathy , but as is the norm was trained in Medicine and Surgery too. I had the privilege of working with some wonderful physicians and surgeons and also some renowned Homeopaths. Today I have been praticing Homoeopathy for over 14 years .
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