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Condition: Originally it was for my Endometriosis
Liz Kellond
How you found homeopathy.
How it benefited you or your family.
I took my two year old daughter who was suffering from Bladder reflux to see David Mundy, who in those days was practicing in Cheltenham. Under David's care homoeopathy cured her condition which had been life threatening and it's unresolved outcome would have been chronic and potentially fatal kidney disease. She's 35 now and thriving in a stressful job and still is a faithful user of Homoeopathy which is an amazing and truly effective system.
Homoeopathy is my best friend in supporting my health and that of my family, we simply could not do without it. The conditions it has healed are legion for us. maybe the best example is when my young children had whopping cough. They breezed through it with very little interference to their lives, in one week for all three of them it was over and done with.. Our doctor's children took a very rocky six weeks to recover I recall.
Keywords: EndometriosisPertussinBladder RefluxWhooping Cough